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The 3rd Sign on the Path to Victory

30 Jun

We’ve been ignored. We’ve been ridiculed, we’re now in the ‘fight you’ stage. Let’s take a look at the source and means of attack:

Fear Mongering

Obamabots have bombarded Just Say No Deal coalition blogs with messages that “a McCain presidency would overturn Roe v. Wade”. Of all the campaign issues that the Obama campaign could have selected to woo PUMAs, they settled on Roe v. Wade because they (mistakenly) think we’re all ‘one issue bitter women’. Ha!

That threat doesn’t scare us. We’re pretty savvy and understand that if Roe v. Wade could sustain 8 years of Bush evangelicals and Republican judiciary appointments, it will survive McCain.  Continue reading

PUMA Protester at ‘Unity for Change’ Talks to FOX

29 Jun

The always awesome “Mawm” (PUMA protester extraordinaire and occasional blogger at The Confluence) posted his first hand account detailing the theatrics around the sham Unity event. Mawm also posted new video of the crowd action and an account of Obama thuggery. The video up top is his interview with FOX news after the event.  

Mawm makes some great observations:

  • “Free Speech Zones” are so very retro Bush Republican ala 2004
  • Attendees to the event are mere props to the Obama machine
  • Remote location was a hindrance to many protesters being able to join the fun
  • Secret Service people and the Sheriffs on-duty were wonderful- much nicer than the Obama people
  • Support of Free Speech and lots of love for Hillary reside in the town of Unity, NH
  • PUMAs were not the only protesters- antiwar advocates were on the scene too
  • Obama takes 10% cut from bootleg shirt sales
  • Obama campaign staffers look like 15 year old hall monitors (OK, that’s my observation)

Plenty of good stuff, so read all about it over at The Confluence.

“H.O.U.N.D. = Hell, Obama’s Unqualified, No Deal!”

29 Jun

Ed Rendell a Clinton hero we adore, is the lead in a “Dems, let’s all unite” message being packaged into a PUMAesque group called HOUND– which stands for Hillary-Obama-United-Not-Divided. 

The very clever PUMA folks have renamed it: “H.O.U.N.D. = Hell, Obama’s Unqualified, No Deal!”

We love you Ed, but we can’t support a candidate we don’t believe in. We vote conscience over party in Nov. It’s too important a job for someone who is not qualified. Sorry Ed, no deal. Continue reading

Bill Clinton is a PUMA!?

28 Jun

Bill Clinton attended the Nelson Mandela 90th birthday celebration in London this past week, missing the Unity for Change event. Suspicious minds might read something in his lack of attendance, but really, it was all just good manners.

You see, Bill had already RSVPed for the birthday party. It would have been rude to cancel at the last minute. 

Those pesky London papers just don’t seem to understand American etiquette. The UK Telegraph wrote an article – “Bill Clinton says Barack Obama must ‘kiss my ass’ for his support” – declaring Bill is still mad about all this silly Obama nonsense!

It’s really just a simple misunderstanding. You see, it appears Bill didn’t get the memo on what an honor it is to be smeared by The One. The Obama camp emailed it to Bill, along with a memo on TPS report cover sheets, and it got caught in his spam filter by accident. Don’t you just hate it when that happens!?

OK, all snark aside. I’m thrilled to hear Bill is angry. He should be. Continue reading

“Audacity of Hypocrisy”

28 Jun

Proud PUMA members – GaryChapelHill and MAWM- both frequent bloggers at Riverdaughter’s blog The Confluence, sounded the PUMA roar in Unity yesterday.

They’ve posted pics at The Confluence, along with this video. Head over to Riverdaughter to read their first hand account of Obama ‘thug’ tactics and the awesomeness of the Sullivan Co. Sherrif’s Dept.

Many, many thanks to them and to all the PUMAs who bravely travelled to make their voices heard. You may have been few, but you spoke for MANY.

Thank you for holding your nose to represent many of the 18 million who couldn’t make it to the Unity Show.  We love you guys!



The Unity Show? I’ll Pass.

27 Jun

“It’s a phenomenal place to have a unity event,” he said. “It is so symbolic of how the race turned out. The name of the community being Unity sends a great message of what lies ahead.”-Jim Demers

Yes, “what lies ahead” indeed. There is a reason why Obama is sweating in the cartoon above.

Despite the hoopla leading up to this event, the “Unite for Change” rally being staged in Unity, NH is just Kabuki theater for political folks. Continue reading

Will Bower from Just Say No Deal on Fox and Friends

26 Jun

Here is JSND’s Will Bower giving a great interview to Fox & Friends