Sinking Ship TM

16 Jun

TM pic from BitterPoliticz

Ah, the chickens are coming home to roost for Taylor Marsh. A recent article on Taylor Marsh in The New Republic is worth checking out.

In January, when the world seemed to have gone completely in the tank for Obama, I felt adrift. I was a Hillary Clinton supporter at a time when seemingly everyone wanted her to drop out of the primary race. Fed up, I went online to find others who shared my pro-Hillary view. Among the few on-line outposts was a very active site – 

It was love at first click. I began my morning there, followed up several times throughout the day, and was my last stop before logging off for the night. TM was a one stop destination for all things pro-Hillary. The comments were funny, brilliant, and updated continuisly throughout the day. Some comment threads quickly topped 400 within a couple hours. It was a hot bed of activity and common sense.

Taylor also produces an hour long radio show 5 days a week. Her radio program is available on her site live at 3:00 EST or later as a podcast. I never listened though, as I went primarily to TM for the comments and the community.

It’s difficult to express the attachment I personally had for TM. During the darkest anti-Hillary moments, I would find support and encouragement from the comments posted. During the disastrous RBC meeting, I had TM open in one window while I watched the C-Span live stream in another. I woke up at 7 AM and the first thing I did was login to TM. Comment threads on TM that day tipped beyond 900 within hours.

When Obamabot trolls appeared, the TM regulars wrote the most eloquent responses and beat them back into full retreat. At the height of the anti-Hillary pro-Obama madness, there was absolutely no better place to be than

Occasionally, a troll would bash Hillary and then be allowed to continue to berate us (the community) with no intervention from Taylor. When in frustration, a regular might fight back, Taylor would suddenly delurk and reprimand the regular while completely ignoring the troll and original cause of the rant. 

A few vocal regulars were systematically blocked from commenting- like a virtual ‘time-out’ chair. No reason was given for the ‘time-out’ it was just at the whim of Taylor. It did feel unfair, but it was easy to overlook because the community as a whole was such a joy. Many were very grateful to Taylor for creating a centralized destination where one could find all things pro-Hillary (news, community, videos). If she was a bit much at times, it was overlooked in our gratitude.

Sadly, things changed for the worse immediately after some Obamabots threatened to have Taylor’s credentials pulled and bar her from the Democratic Convention in Denver. Suddenly, pro-Hillary Taylor began to change her tune. She took a more lenient stance on all things Obama and she no longer tolerated the most ardent pro-Hillary rhetoric. Basically, she caved to the threats and showed her true motivation- herself- not the community.

It was never about pro-Hillary passion for Taylor. I suspect it was just an opening she saw for a niche topic. A sure fire means to garner attention and notice among the radio stations she desperately courted. It was all business and while that business was pro-Hillary, all was fine. When Hillary suspended her campaign, Taylor had already begun her switch to Obama. Soon, the pro-Hillary regulars felt like the trolls. 

What happened next with regard to TM is nothing short of amazing. Without any discussion, people just left. They stopped visiting, they stopped commenting, they just dissappeared. It all happened so quickly. Within days of Taylor’s political switcheroo, the community scattered. They found other sites to join or they formed their own.

BitterPolitcz is clearly the leader in TM refugees. All the regular TM posters are there sharing their disbelief and anger of the turn-coat actions of Taylor and the near destruction of the TM site. Comments at BitterPolitcz now top 400 within hours just as TM did.

In contrast, one recent check on TM showed 20 comments in 4 hours, from the same 3 people. Occasionally, an old ‘Marshan’ will go back to TM to fight with the Obamabots. Mostly though, it’s only  a quick rescue mission to let any pro-Hillary stragglers know where the crowd has gone and where they can find a new refuge.

It’s a happy ending for the former ‘Marshans’. They’ve found each other and found or created other sites that continue to support Hillary, hold the DNC accountable, and advocate ‘no Obama’. Even so, many still lament the loss of the once great TM.

If you are an exMarshan looking for others who share your pro-Hillary views, I highly recommend the following sites as starting points: BitterPoliticzNo Quarter USA, The Confluence, Tennessee Guerrilla Woman,Corrente, and



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