Villian of the Week

17 Jun

In a world with heroes, there is also the occassional villian. Here at Heroes for Hillary, we unmask them in a little thing we like to call Villian of the Week. This week’s award goes to Dick ‘I really am a dick’ Morris for his clueless comments on Fox’s Hannity & Colmes show.

Warning: the following quotes are likely to make your blood boil.

Hannity: “There are a lot of Hillary supporters, a number of groups forming around the country, Hillary supporters for McCain, (is) that going to play a big part in this?”

Morris: “I think most of that is set up to try to get Hillary on the ticket. I believe in the last analysis, there is not a feminist in America that is going to vote for McCain over Obama because of the Supreme Court.”

Oh really!?!

When we don’t show up on election day and Obama loses or when we show up in numbers so vast and vote for McCain (aka the lesser of two evils)- I suspect it will cause quite a few talking heads to explode. I can’t wait.

One last infuriating bit. The reason Dick Morris is our Villian of the Week: 

Morris: “I think Hillary’s people are trying to get her on the ticket by building up the fear that Obama couldn’t carry them without putting her on the ticket. It’s romance Hillary style, a shotgun marriage.”

Yes, Dick Morris really did have the audacity to say that.

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