The Clinton Legacy

18 Jun


GaryChapelHill over at The Confluence has a fabulous post entitled Audacious Clinton Bashing. It’s a must read for today.

On Anderson Cooper last night, a distinguished (snark) panel of pundits discussed how Hillary supporters will ‘come around’ to Obama in time.

They mistakenly believe we’re comprised soley of white older women (ha!). Once we see Hillary standing next to Obama in photo ops galore, we’ll all suddenly embrace Obama and start taking our daily dose of Kool-Aide.

They just don’t get it. They can’t understand that rational voters could reject a hopey-changey inexperienced candidate- the audacity of us!

The Clinton legacy is proof of political actions taken on our behalf and for what we believe in. When will the powers that be (Dean, Pelosi, Kerry, Obamabots) learn that smearing the Clinton legacy is just another reason Hillary supporters openly reject the ‘chosen one’ they keep trying to push upon us.

Once again, sorry DNC, no deal.

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