Evil genuises at Obamanation are working hard today…

20 Jun

In addition to creating new campaign ads, the Obama machine has also created something else a bit more frightening…a new official Seal of Obama.

According to the New York Times article The Great Seal of Obama made its debut during a meeting of Dem governors in Chicago.

Of course it was Chicago- isn’t that the capital of Obamanation and the new Democratic National Party of Obama?

While all the regular Dems had standard nameplates, Obama “The One” had to have his crazy new emblem. It’s a jedi mind trick to get us to see Obama as a presidential figure now. The fact that he has not actually won any presidential election is irrelevant. It’s only important that we see him as “presidential”.

If I were one of those governors sitting behind my dinky little nameplate, I’d be pretty steamed with the Precious.

Here’s the info from the article:

It is emblazoned with a fierce-looking eagle clutching an olive branch in one claw and arrows in the other and is deliberately reminiscent of the official seal of the president of the United States. Around the top border are the words “Obama for America;” across the bottom is the campaign’s Web address. It also contains the logo of the Obama campaign, variously interpreted as a sunrise or a view down an open road.

Just above the eagle’s head are the words “Vero Possumus,” roughly translated “Yes we can.” (Out of Many, One), the motto on the presidential seal and the dollar bill. Then again, Mr. Obama is not the president. 

Snark from the NY Times- love it!  “Vero Possumus” could be seen as leader of the possums or ‘Possum-in-Chief’. One comment I read translated it to mean “lipstick on a possum”. However you choose to translate it- it reads ‘arrogance’.

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