PUMA Pac launches ROAR

20 Jun

Speaking of political ads…the Puma PAC Fundraising ROAR launched today. 

The goal is to raise the first $100,000 for TV and print ads that will run in swing states over the summer.

Puma Pac is working with a company called Lightsong Films to produce high quality ads that will bring the message of the Puma movement to hundreds of thousands of stranded Democrats who are disgusted with the party leadership. We will invite them to Just Say No Deal to Barack Obama, and to join Puma PAC’s Protest of the 2008 Presidential Election by staying home, voting for McCain, or writing in Hillary or a third party on November 4th.

Obama will have his ads and we’ll have our own PUMA ads. I’m not sure our Jedi mind tricks are as powerful as the evil genuises at Obamanation, but I’ll happily let the voters decide. Go PUMA!



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