The O-bots are in a fuss over FISA

21 Jun

While I no longer follow the inner angst of Obamabots everywhere, I have a friend who does. I can not stomach the raging outbreak of Kool Aid induced crazy, whereas my friend, seems to have an iron stomach for the stuff. He keeps an ear to the blogs and charts the insanity level. His barometer reads ‘severe weather ahead’.

The Obama supporters are making threats and for once, they aren’t directed at us Hillary holdouts.

They are so upset with Obama for caving on FISA they threaten to:

  • vote for Nadar,
  • ask for donated $$ back
  • write angry letters to the Obama HQ
  • unregister from his website

Plenty openly wonder if ‘Obama was just hoodwinking and bamboozling us?’ Gee, I wonder if ‘the one’ is capable of that!? (snark)

Those who drank the extra strength Kool Aid are tearing into the doubters. If you think they’re mean to us Hillary holdouts, it’s nothing compared to how vicious they treat each other. Ouch.

That said, the few who are awake and suffer only a slight Kool Aid hangover, are now talking some sense. Here is a comment from one I agree with…

And when the next issue is…

the energy bill is not perfect, I will work to get ANWAR and coastal drilling removed in the Senate version.

the funding bill is not perfect, I will work to get free band-aides for returning soldiers added in the Senate version.

the war declaration is not perfect, I will work to get the use of Nuke’s taken off the table in the Senate version.

the abortion bill is not perfect, I will work to get the right to use contraception put back in the Senate version.

Sometimes you have to take a stand because the fundamental principal is at stake.  This bill greatly expands executive power and Obama is not taking a strong stand. And why should I continue to contribute to Democrats?  We have the majority of the Legislative branch and we are impotent.  Flacid as boiled spaghetti.  Sorry, whatever excitement I had about change, to quote Shawshank Redemption, just up and vanished like a fart in the wind.

I might have chosen different phrasing, but the sentiment is dead on accurate. What is to stop him from caving in on other issues?

By all accounts, Obama seems to be the most powerful presumptive nominee ever. He’s moving the Dems to Chicago for goodness sake! For all intents and purpose (and much to my horror) he is the leader of the Democratic Party right now.

If Obama wanted to block this bill, he could have pulled another strong arm Lieberman style move and got the 41 votes needed to filibuster. No one has more politically clout than Obama does right now. Instead of using that coverage to make bold moves in support of issues he claims to be for (like upholding our 4th amendment rights), he did a duck when he could have made a stand.

Here’s what really makes me leery. Obama’s expertise is constitituional law. If he wouldn’t stand up for an issue so clearly in his area of knowledge, what will happen when he is in out-of-depth territory – which is where he will be most of the time since he lacks experience.

Obama supporters take head. Don’t expect him to take on Washington. Fighting isn’t his style. Forget new style politics, he just pulled a “Kerry”. What else would Obama compromise on if elected? Who knows and I don’t want to find out. He’s not “the one” you think he is.

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