By George She’s Got It!

24 Jun

It has been a very long time since I have uttered the phrase ‘read this article at the Huffington Post‘ but a writer named Lester Feder wrote one that is absolutely spot-on!

Here is my favorite bit… 

In other words, Democratic women aren’t deserting their party because of a defeat dealt to their gender. Rather, Obama is losing voters in his own right amongst some voters who are comparing his resume with the much-lengthier one of his opponent. Once we stop viewing the Democratic contest through the identity-politics lens, this isn’t all that surprising. Some voters perhaps cast their ballot for Clinton solely because of her gender, but the vast majority valued her qualities as a candidate. Certainly, the one she touted most is exactly what these Clinton supporters say they prefer about McCain: experience.

I could dance all night with sheer joy. An article at The Huffington Post actually got it. Oh lovely, lovely day.


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