Why PUMAs Won’t Vote For Obama Simplified

24 Jun

Salon magazine published an article: Will Clinton supporters vote for Obama, by Rebecca Traister. The story’s subtitle is: “The attack of the PUMAs, or a dozen reasons why Clinton voters are still too angry to come home.”

It completely misses the number one reason PUMAs will not support Senator Obama for President. He is not qualified for the job. Why is that so hard to understand!?

Is it easier to believe we’re all: ignorant Appalachians, white racists, too old to change, or bitter women?

Occam’s razor comes to mind. From Wikipedia:

Occam’s razor : This is often paraphrased as “All other things being equal, the simplest solution is the best.” In other words, when multiple competing theories are equal in other respects, the principle recommends selecting the theory that introduces the fewest assumptions and postulates the fewest entities. It is in this sense that Occam’s razor is usually understood.

Journalists, pundits, researchers take heed; Discard your sophisticated complex theories. See the simple truth: PUMAs are people from all races, ages, genders and economic groups who agree on one founding principle: we will not support Obama because it’s the toughest job in the world and he’s not nearly qualified for it.

With “qualifications” being the guiding principle, it becomes very clear to understand why so many of us would vote McCain- if Hillary is not available- even though we are not republicans.

Experience and active participation in the political process are qualities worth more to us than empty promises of ‘hope and change’ by an unknown Senator who has a penchant for voting “present” rather than taking a stand on issues.

I could write more, but I don’t think I can remain calm while doing it. So, instead, I will defer to another proud PUMA named Ani.

For an indepth look at why Obama is not qualified, please read the excellent post “In Response to Salon: Why Clinton Voters Say They Won’t Support Obama” by Ani posted at Bitter Politicz and also at No Quarter USA.


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