Crawling Towards the Finish Line

25 Jun

It’s only been a few weeks since Hillary suspended her campaign on June 7th, exited stage left, and gave Obama the full spotlight.

Weakness Alert: Obama loses strength under intense glare.

He ain't Superman

Let’s take a look. In the past couple weeks he has:

Why is this all unraveling so quickly?

Without Hillary to act as a lightning rod, Obama either shines or splinters apart under the scrutiny.

Lacking a strong plan, his campaign uses non-issue fluff to divert attention. The Great Seal of Obama has been one such tactic. By using imagery it attempted (miserably) to project a sense of substance. What an example of literally hiding behind a self-created image! Axelrove is a master at smoke and mirror diversion.

At this rate, it will not take long for Obama to exit stage left himself.

I have always believed that Hillary will be the Democratic Nominee for 2008. I continue to believe that despite the grand illusion of events as they currently appear. Hillary will emerge our candidate.

Savvy marketing can only take ‘The One’ so far. Experience will take Hillary all the way.



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