PUMA Protester at ‘Unity for Change’ Talks to FOX

29 Jun

The always awesome “Mawm” (PUMA protester extraordinaire and occasional blogger at The Confluence) posted his first hand account detailing the theatrics around the sham Unity event. Mawm also posted new video of the crowd action and an account of Obama thuggery. The video up top is his interview with FOX news after the event.  

Mawm makes some great observations:

  • “Free Speech Zones” are so very retro Bush Republican ala 2004
  • Attendees to the event are mere props to the Obama machine
  • Remote location was a hindrance to many protesters being able to join the fun
  • Secret Service people and the Sheriffs on-duty were wonderful- much nicer than the Obama people
  • Support of Free Speech and lots of love for Hillary reside in the town of Unity, NH
  • PUMAs were not the only protesters- antiwar advocates were on the scene too
  • Obama takes 10% cut from bootleg shirt sales
  • Obama campaign staffers look like 15 year old hall monitors (OK, that’s my observation)

Plenty of good stuff, so read all about it over at The Confluence.


One Response to “PUMA Protester at ‘Unity for Change’ Talks to FOX”

  1. Mawm June 30, 2008 at 2:18 am #

    Thank you.

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