The 3rd Sign on the Path to Victory

30 Jun

We’ve been ignored. We’ve been ridiculed, we’re now in the ‘fight you’ stage. Let’s take a look at the source and means of attack:

Fear Mongering

Obamabots have bombarded Just Say No Deal coalition blogs with messages that “a McCain presidency would overturn Roe v. Wade”. Of all the campaign issues that the Obama campaign could have selected to woo PUMAs, they settled on Roe v. Wade because they (mistakenly) think we’re all ‘one issue bitter women’. Ha!

That threat doesn’t scare us. We’re pretty savvy and understand that if Roe v. Wade could sustain 8 years of Bush evangelicals and Republican judiciary appointments, it will survive McCain. 

Technology Attacks

  • Several bloggers who share a common trait- they reject Obama- were targeted by Obamabots and shut out of their Blogger accounts. All the ‘blocked’ blogs were listed members in the Just Say No Deal coalition. Coincidence? No, just Obamabots up to new tricks.
  • User identity theft- many established bloggers’ user names were forged in comment threads.   The messages, falsely bearing the users’ name or a close proximity of it, criticized Hillary, took aim at PUMA, and supported Obama under the guise of being the regular user.
  • Trolls poising as Hillary supporters left the exact same scripted message of “I have seen the light” in multiple comment threads. Because it was scripted, it was easy to spot.
  • Since June 13, the PUMA entry in Wikipedia has been the focus of repeated malicious attacks by Senator Obama’s supporters, who continue to add racist, sexist, and blatantly untrue statements, with the intent of slandering our reputation and infringing on PUMA’s right to make political statements. The entry has been repeatedly deleted against PUMA’s wishesand in spite of PUMA’s efforts to protect it. 

Pulling the PUMA Plug

Obamabots have started a petition to “Stop PUMA.” They (mistakenly) think we are a ‘front’ for the Republicans. OMG, can they really be that clueless? Answer: OMG, yes they can!

This is just the silliest and also the most awesome joke PUMAs have had in weeks. Thank you Obamabots. You made us laugh until we almost peed. 

The “Stop PUMA” group believes it can stop a grass-roots organization by collecting 10 thousand signatures. This is too precious. PUMA is a coalition comprised of over 100 separate groups . We have different plans for how to act in Nov. Some of us will write-in Hillary, some will stay home, some will vote a third party, and some will go for McCain. The common trait that holds us together is our opposition to Obama. We all agree to say NO DEAL to Obama this Nov.

PUMA is a month old. We don’t have a central office. We don’t have a board of directors. We communicate via conference calls, blogs, and email. Daily action items originate from multiple sources. You can’t boycott our advertisers. We don’t have any. We don’t accept grant money, so you can’t cut our funding. You can deliver your petition to the RNC, but they’ll just laugh at you. We don’t answer to anyone there. We are not affiliated with Rush Limbaugh or any other Republicans. ‘Stop PUMA’ is a great idea (snark).


Now There Are Two

The Obamabots who fight PUMA are now joined by the Democratic leadership. This weekend the Dem leadership formed the H.O.U.N.D (Hillary-Obama-United-Not-Divided) in response to our beloved PUMA movement. It’s an organization to promote party unity lead by Ed Rendell.

Ed Rendell is a great Hillary guy. We will love him forever because of his support for Hillary. He had her back in the darkest days when all the MSM were clamoring for her head. He is no Judas. He’s an honorable man trying to hold together the Dem party as it falls apart. It’s heart-wrenching to have to say NO DEAL to Ed, but on this we must. We will vote our conscience over party. Sorry Ed.


Why We Remain Strong Despite the Attacks 

PUMAs share common traits which make them resistant to Obamabot (and now Dem leader) tactics:

  • we don’t easily fall for party propaganda
  • we tend to question things
  • we can harness the power of the Internets to find answers   
  • we are resistant to the hypnotic power of Obama’s speech 
  • we see how strong and powerful we are when we band together for what we believe 

Victory Ahead

The great and wise Gandhi believed ‘fight you’ was a sign just before ‘victory’. We need to stay strong despite these annoying attacks. Our next stop is victory. Go PUMA!


One Response to “The 3rd Sign on the Path to Victory”

  1. Peter June 30, 2008 at 6:37 pm #

    The MSM is noticing PUMA. Ed Rendell noticed. The DNC will realize (probably too late) that we are real, not republicans, and we are determined to turn down Obama. I held my nose for Kerry. I will not do it for Obama in Nov.

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