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Obama Presumes Too Much

31 Jul

The trail of arrogance and presumptuousness by the Obama campaign is easy to follow:

Obama’s Campaign Planning Presidential Transition

  • Obama Campaign Confirms That They Are Already Planning The Presidential Transition. “With less than six months to go before he would be sworn in as the nation’s 44th president, Sen. Barack Obama has directed his aides to begin planning for the transition. ‘Barack is well aware of the complexity and the organizational challenge involved in the transition process and he has tasked s [sic] small group to begin thinking through the process,’ a senior campaign adviser said. ‘Barack has made his expectations clear about what he wants from such a process, how he wants it to move forward, and the establishment and execution of his timeline is proceeding apace.’ … A campaign spokesperson confirmed that transition planning had begun but would provide no further details. An adviser said that the campaign wants to keep the process as low profile as possible in order to minimize distractions.” -Marc Ambinder, “Obama Team Begins Work On Presidential Transition,” Atlantic, 7/24/08
  • Obama Plans To Announce His Presidential Transition Team This Fall. “A public announcement is planned for the fall. ‘Given the myriad challenges that will face the next president, Barack would encourage Sen. McCain to begin to undertake a similar process,’ the adviser said.” -Marc Ambinder, “Obama Team Begins Work On Presidential Transition,” Atlantic, 7/24/08 Continue reading

Electric Cars and Energy Politics

31 Jul

There’s a Wall Street Journal story on people in TX using electric cars due to rising gas prices. The cars look like “fancy little golf carts.” The cars are very cute if you’re just driving around the neighborhood or local area. I live in cold weather country (East Coast) so it would be impractical for winter months. If engineers continue to invent newer advanced models, who knows, maybe we’ll all drive similar cars someday.

With rising gas prices and the economy a major concern for the Nov. election, I think it’s important to look at who stood where/when on an issue as important as energy policy.

Sadly, Obama voted for the Bush/Cheney energy bill. Hillary voted against it. Heck, even McCain voted against it. What was Obama thinking!?

We need Hillary, not faux democrat Obama and his 3rd Bush term. Continue reading

Obama Camp Buys Delegates

31 Jul

Shocker (not). For months, there has been talk that Obama’s PAC donated greatly to many superDs pockets. Now we have the case put together in this easy to grasp the full Obama audacity video. Once again, it’s proof of Obama campaign using regular style Chicago politics. It’s business as usual for the Axlerod crew.

He’s a Symbol in His Own Mind

30 Jul

Fresh off his presumptive trip oversees, Obama is settling right back into his very important job: pretending to be President already


Dana Milbank of WaPo writes:

Fresh from his presidential-style world tour, during which foreign leaders and American generals lined up to show him affection, Obama settled down to some presidential-style business in Washington yesterday.


Traffic was shut down for him as he zoomed about town in a long, presidential-style motorcade, while the public and most of the press were kept in the dark about his activities, which included a fundraiser at the Mayflower where donors paid $10,000 or more to have photos taken with him. His schedule for the day, announced Monday night, would have made Dick Cheney envious…


The 5:20 TBA turned out to be his adoration session with lawmakers in the Cannon Caucus Room, where even committee chairmen arrived early, as if for the State of the Union. Capitol Police cleared the halls — just as they do for the actual president. The Secret Service hustled him in through a side door — just as they do for the actual president.

Shutting traffic down while his motorcade drives through Washington is just not done. Having the Capitol Police clear the halls of the Senate for someone who isn’t even the official party’s nominee yet!? Oh, you presumptious arrogant ass.

If there is one thing most Americans can’t stand it’s elitist arrogant fools who feel entitled to things they haven’t earned. Obama, that’s you.

What we love- a comeback story of a hardworker who succeeds despite the odds and wins the day. Hillary can be the greatest political comeback story of the year if 175 superdelegates decided to vote for Hillary in a nomination vote in Denver. You can do it SuperDs!! Do we really want this pompus jerk for the Dem candidate!? 

Jonathan Weisman of WaPo’s ‘The Trail’ writes:

Perhaps he’s beginning to believe the hype.

In his closed door meeting with House Democrats this evening, presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama delivered a real zinger. According to a witness, he was waxing lyrical about last week’s trip to Europe, when he concluded, “this is the moment, as Nancy [Pelosi] noted, that the world is waiting for.”

The 200,000 souls who thronged to his speech in Berlin came not just for him, he told the enthralled audience of congressional representatives.

“I have become a symbol of the possibility of America returning to our best traditions,” he said.

When Obama tells congress he (a mere mortal man) has become a ‘symbol’ it’s time to be very afraid. This isn’t others saying it, this is the man himself declaring himself a symbol of America’s best traditions. It’s a bit conceited wouldn’t you say? I would.

Many of us are waiting for Obama to speak about specific solution driven ideas. Instead, he keeps talking about himself and revealing an ego centered mindset. When will he quit talking about himself and his symbolism and start talking about Americans and policy solutions?

It will be quite a reality check for Obama when he loses in Nov. I’m confident he will lose since he’s more about himself and less about the people he needs to convince to hire him for the job he presumes he already has but really does not.

Stephen Colbert on Obama’s US Return

29 Jul

So friggin hilarious!  

Vodpod videos no longer available. 

Ousted Dem Delegate Debbie Bartoshevich Speaks

29 Jul

“I have a right to vote for anybody I want to vote for,” she says. “I’m putting my country before my party…I’m finished with the party, the Democrat party.”

Debbie Bartoshevich – the former Democratic delegate from Wisconsin who supported Hillary and then vowed to vote for McCain instead of Obama only to be stripped of her convention credentials by the Wisconsin Democratic Party- spoke to the press.

Many PUMAs have expressed anger that Debbie spoke out. If she had just kept quiet, she could have remained a delegate, and made her vote for Hillary at the convention. While that’s one way to see it, I think Debbie has done an even greater service by publicly denouncing Obama and calling him out as unqualified.

We know that because Debbie was a delegate, her breaking ranks brought media attention. We also know it sent serious shockwaves throughout the Dem party. What we may never know is how her courageous action (to call Obama out on his lack of qualifications) may impact and influence other delegates who can still vote at the convention.  I would imagine Debbie’s story sparked a few conversations among delegates. Perhaps any who are on the fence about Obama might take their former fellow delegate’s comments to heart and choose to vote country and conscience over party.

MoveOn Ad: This is Your Brain on Hope

28 Jul

Young stars celebrate “hope” in scenes reminiscent of anti-drug and STD public service announcements in this new ad from

Moveon hopes to motivate youth to vote Obama. Oh, the illusive ‘youth vote’ is once again the hope of the Dem Party. They were supposed to carry John Kerry to an easy victory and rid us of Bush once and for all. We all know what did not happened there.

The “stars” featured in this add include Rider Strong from “Boy Meets World” and Amber Benson from “Buffy The Vampire Slayer.”

MoveOn is spending $150,000 to air the advertisement on MTV and Comedy Central.

Remember, crack is whack!