This July 4th Retire the Debt!

1 Jul

The collective minds of Just Say No Deal and PUMA have chosen July 4th to be Hillary’s independence day from debt. It’s time to finish this thing for good. I’ve contributed, you’ve contributed, let’s reach out one more time for Hillary.

On July 4th please send a $20.08 donation to Hillary’s campaign. This donation is solely for Hillary to use towards her outstanding campaign debt. It will NOT go to Obama.

There are many reasons why we should motivate to pay this thing off. 

Here are just a quick few:

  • Demonstrate the power of PUMA- when we retire Hillary’s debt, it will get attention! Obama, Pelosi, Dean, Kerry, Brazile, MSM (main stream media)- everyone who wrote her (and us) off will see Hillary’s support is still holding strong
  • Shut up Obama. I’m very partial to this one myself. Obama claims he can raise the most money. Well, let’s raise more money for Hillary after she ‘suspended’ her campaign and shut him the heck up!
  • She won’t owe Obama a thing. The Obama campaign might urge his supporters to pay off Hillary’s campaign debt in a fake effort to ease hard feelings, encourage unity, and ensnare Hillary into a sham unity tour across the US. We don’t want Hillary to owe him and his supporters a single thing

Let’s show Hillary, Bill, her campaign staff & volunteers, Obama, and the world- that 18 million Hillary supporters are still in this to win it. Obama is only the ‘presumptive nominee’ – there is still time!

We are PUMA, hear us ROAR!

Contributions can be made online here.

Contributions can also be sent via regular postal mai. Print out and complete this form, make payment out to: Hillary Clinton for President. Send to 4420 N. Fairfax Drive, Arlington, VA 22203 Attn: Finance.

Whatever you can do to help — would be deeply appreciated.  Please note, if you have already maxed out in primary funds ($2300), you will be unable to contribute towards the debt retirement at this time.

Please donate and/or encourage others (friends, family, neighbors, coworkers) to donate too.


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