Obama Keep Your Money, P.U.M.A Has It Covered

11 Jul

“If you can raise millions for a woman who has over $100 million, you can do just about anything, so I wouldn’t doubt much of what you say.”– Fox News Host Neil Cavuto to Will Bower of Just Say No Deal on the massive amount of money raised during the Retire the Debt effort this past week. Good work PUMAs!

Let’s keep it going. $5 today could help wipe out Hillary’s debt and make the DNC stand up and take note of the great PUMA power. You might think “hey, $5 won’t really mean much” but multiply it by all of us and it is HUGE. Please consider making a donation today. Any amount is welcome and needed!

If you can give a donation of $50, you can get this very cool t-shirt.

For more info from Will Bower, check out this video of his appearance on Neil Cavuto’s “Your World”:



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