Did Republicans Donate Money to Help Obama?

12 Jul

“One hundred million dollars this June — it’s definitely within reach.”
–Wade Randlett, a large Obama fundraiser, on June 9th

You know that 100 million dollar prediction the Obama camp expected to take in this June? Yeah, that didn’t happen.

I’ve never understood how Obama managed to raise a vast amount of money in the first place- since most of the country had never heard of this one term senator from Chicago before the primaries. How did he accumulate so much money initially and why is it drying up?

According to the graph above from The Washington Post, the donation decline started in March. Why? 

The Obama camp has excuses, but are they accurate?  Steve Soto at TheLeftCoaster debunks them:

1. The primary campaign is over and with Hillary vanquished, his donors are hibernating. This is quite plausible, but his fundraising has been going down steadily since he pulled past her in the delegate race and since he and his campaign fed the narrative that he was the presumptive nominee.

2. It’s the fault of her donors for not doing their share. Sorry, no sale. His numbers have been dropping for months before her donors were part of his equation, and now it’s the fault of her donors that donations from his donors are dropping? Besides, there are reports that his efforts in this area have left her fundraisers cold.

3. His donors don’t like helping out Hillary. This could be the case with his large donors, but if this is the case with his millions of small donors, the party has far bigger problems.

4. His recent actions on FISA and other issues has chilled his donors. There’s evidence of this in the expected places, but does that really explain the downward trend since the spring?

With those excuses dismissed, Steve goes on to suggest this theory:

From the time he pulled past her and built the image of a presumptive nominee, there has been a clear downward trend in his fundraising. So how much of Obama’s appeal and fundraising success was the result of anti-Clintonism?

Interesting huh? As Obama became the ‘presumptive nominee’ his fundraising dropped off. Could this be a sign of a republican ‘mission accomplished’?

As an unknown- who is so clearly not qualified for the job and will likely be torn to shreds by  republicans during the GE- perhaps donors were motivated not so much by the great Obama but by NOT Clinton.

I watched an updated version of Nancy Drew starring the adorable Emma Roberts on HBO yesterday. Maybe it’s why I’m looking for villains at every turn. If Nancy Drew were investigating the case of Obama’s declining money, she might begin with the question: “who had the most to gain from knocking off the most qualified Dem candidate?” She’d likely find the answer over at Republican HQ.

Riverdaughter (who is simply among the best damn political bloggers today- if you’re not reading The Confluence you should be) follows Steve’s theory straight to the Republicans. I recommend you head over to The Confluence to read the entire post which I’m only excerpting a bit here:

I mean, it *almost* seems like there was an influx of cash to Obama just when he needed it most with the specific goal of taking out Clinton and this influx of cash doesn’t seem to be sticking around for the General Election.  WHO would DO such a dastardly thing???  Who would deliberately fund a candidate who isn’t qualified for the least important cabinet position in the WH much less the presidency in order to knock out the strongest candidate that would go up against the Republicans in the fall?  Why, it’s almost ROVIAN in its simple brilliance.

But, could it be that this is what happened with the fundraising money? That the ratfucking Republicans rigged the Democratic election by flooding the Obama campaign with cash and then beating a hasty retreat once they accomplished the dirty deed?

I mean, we’ve been so busy looking for Republicans among the PUMAs, maybe we’ve been looking for Republicans in all the wrong places.

Republicans working to disrupt the dem primary process seems very possible to me. If they were willing to steal an election to get Bush into the White House, then some forces within the republican camp are capable of doing this as well. It would be so easy for them to sneak past the *leadership* of Dean and Pelosi who have clearly been asleep at their posts.

Where would the Republicans get such an idea to turn to Obama in the first place? Well, perhaps they got the idea from PUMA arch-villain Donna Brazile.

Channeling my inner Nancy Drew, I have found a Feb 21, 2003 NY Times article, Frustrated Democrat Makes Friends in G.O.P., featuring Donna B. and her chummy connection to the republicans.

From the 2003 NY Times article:

Two years ago, Donna Brazile, then Al Gore’s campaign manager, was engaged in daily combat with Karl Rove, then George W. Bush’s top campaign strategist.

Today, they chirpily exchange e-mail, chat on the phone and write letters, indulging in their shared zeal for the inner workings of politics.

”I like her a lot,” said Mr. Rove, now ensconced in the West Wing as President Bush’s chief political adviser.

I would guess a common disdain for the Clintons might help them bond too. What’s that saying: An enemy of my enemy is my friend? The Clintons are enemy number 1 for many republicans and Donna is no Clinton fan. After Gore’s election loss, many dems attributed it to the leftover Clinton baggage. It certainly couldn’t have been due to Donna Brazile’s failings as a campaign manager for Gore. *snark*

Donna had this to say in the NY Times article:

These days she pointedly calls herself a “totally independent Democrat.” And she is not defensive about her chattiness with Republicans.

”I call Republicans because I can talk outside the box with them,” she said. ”I can talk with Democrats, but when I talk with Republicans, I learn a lot more.”

Do you think that’s where Donna learned how to manipulate the rules to push ahead a preferred candidate? If one wanted to know how to fix elections who better to ask than republicans?

If Ms. Brazile’s new friendships seem like a risky venture, few Democrats seem to hold them against her.

”The No. 1 rule in politics,” said Bob Mulholland, a campaign adviser to the California Democratic Party, ”is to get into your opponent’s living room because you might hear something that will be helpful down the road.”

Perhaps while Donna attempted to learn the secret republican handshake, she blurted out helpful info to the republican goon squad.

The article includes a quote from Bay Buchanan, the conservative commentator and campaign manager for her brother Pat’s presidential run:

And Ms. Buchanan said, ”When I talk to her, I’m trying to learn something.”

She added: ”I don’t know the inner city, I don’t have that experience. I think Karl Rove does the same thing. Here’s somebody who he can get information from, and it’s not the tired old party line.”

I bet Karl Rove was all too happy to get information from Donna. Talk about a gift horse! If one were to match wits between the two, Karl would certainly come out ahead.

Did Karl Rove learn something from Donna that led the republicans to Obama? Maybe yes, maybe no. But if Donna can accuse PUMA of being a republican tool, we can certainly question the possibility of her being a tool for republicans herself- even if it was unwittingly done.


3 Responses to “Did Republicans Donate Money to Help Obama?”

  1. Jason July 12, 2008 at 5:06 pm #

    I’ve always suspected the republicans were somehow involved with Obama. They hate the Clintons so much. Why not help someone defeat them thus clearing a path for the republican nominee. The Dem elites let it happen too. We need to hold the DNC leadership accountable for the inevitable Obama loss in Nov.

  2. Kippy July 12, 2008 at 5:27 pm #

    The scene: some smokey backroom in the republican lair, Donna drinking scotch with Rove, bonding over a shared hatred of the Clintons.

    During the Clinton trash talk, Donna groans and rolls her eyes over a dreaded Hillary Clinton presidential run. They both laugh and soon speculation turns to what it would take to derail Hillary.

    In the excitement, perhaps Donna mentions Obama. Maybe she mentions eyeing him for an early presidential run. She suggests he could be the right candidate to run against Clinton.

    Rove sips his scotch and smokes his cigar, leans back in his leather chair with a sinister gleam in his eye. He listens to Donna prattle on about Obama, while he takes copious mental notes and imagines how quickly the republican machine can gear up for an unknown Chicago Senator named Obama.

    It’s just fanciful thinking on my part, but it would make a great story. LOL.

  3. Factcheck2 July 17, 2008 at 12:44 pm #

    There’s a lot more on the subject of Karl Rove and the G.O.P.’ s influence on the Democratic primaries. Here’s an in-depth article with plenty of source links.


    If you prefer a more concise look at Obama’s Wall Street/neocon backers:


    This man isn’t a politician. He’s a prop.

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