Obama Desperate for Funds

14 Jul

Obama’s campaign manager tells supporters McCain has nearly $100 million on hand, calls for donations “at a historic level” to match that figure. According to the Obama website:

“The McCain campaign and the Republican National Committee had their best fundraising month in June. Now they’re bragging that they are out-raising and out-spending us.”

“We can’t wait for a cavalry out there. The cavalry does not exist.” 

Actually, the cavalry does exist- it’s called PUMA.  And you can bet your arugula money we bitter holdouts will not be coming to Obama’s rescue. We said “NO DEAL” and we meant it!!

We might be willing to save the DNC, but only if they change course immediately and nominate Hillary for President at the convention.

Obama is completely out of luck. Our money flows another way:  Retire Hillary’s DebtThe Denver Group, PumaPAC– among other worthy efforts.

You know DNC, you are really pretty dumb. PUMAs are raising record amounts of money and you could have had a piece of it had you backed the more qualified dem candidate.

Instead you followed the hypnotic melody of the Pied Piper Obama. He’ll only lead you to ruin. Obama’s campaign manager is correct – the cavalry is NOT coming to the rescue. Bwahahahahahhhh! Go PUMA!

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