Pre-Convention PUMA Conference, Aug 8th-10th

15 Jul

Riverdaughter asked bloggers to get this info out to as many PUMAs as possible…

Tuesday: A Call to Action

Conflucians and PUMAs, maybe you’ve already booked your flight and made your hotel/campsite reservation for Denver but what will you be doing once you get there? And what is PUMA all about anyway? What is our purpose? Are we a movement? A new party?  

Those are questions we are attempting to answer and for this purpose, the instigators of the PUMA movement propose an organizing meeting in Washington DC. The Pre-Convention PUMA Conference (PCPC) will be held on August 8-10 at the Marriott Wardham Hotel, the scene of the crime.

The purpose of PCPC will be to organize PUMA for the purposes of the Denver convention and to define our role going forward. We see great potential in PUMA as being an organization that keeps an eye on the major parties. Right now, there is no particular entity whose responsibility it is to make sure that the parties play by the rules. There is no group that holds the party players accountable to the voters for the decisions they make and the propaganda they generate. PUMAs are now to assume the mantle of responsibility that others have abandoned. We will become the referees. We hope to represent the voice of the voters who will give democracy back to the electorate. We want to make sure that our votes are counted, our primary results are respected, and what is important to us is recognized and included in party platforms. And unlike more ideologically motivated groups that have sprung up in the last several years, it is our desire to find that place where most Americans are and base our positions on principle, and to survey the political landscape from those principles, in order to resist the cults of personality and fad movements which have siphoned our strength and diminished our role as voters.

Right now, we are in the process of organizing this first conference. Our time is short. Our immediate goal is to plan for our presence in Denver. Our long term goals are to develop the infrastructure that will make us a powerful political force for future elections. Our tentative agenda is here: tentative-agenda There will be a number of organizing workshops on Saturday. For example, The Confluence has been asked to organize Saturday morning and afternoon workshops on blogging in its current and future manifestations.

Now, PUMAs, this conference is being planned with the help of event planners who have graciously donated their time and expertise to help make this happen. However, we are in a bit of a bind. We aren’t sure how many of you will attend. Some of you have already budgeted your money for Denver. The cost of PCPC is estimated to be ~$200/person. This does not include hotel accommodations that we are presently negotiating with the hotel. Since many blogs and organizations are founders of the PUMA movement, we would like to hear from as many of you as possible in defining our role and organizing our coalition activities and strategy in Denver. But being mindful of budgets and time, we propose that these blogs and orgs send a few representatives. If there is more interest (we would be delighted at this prospect), we need to get a headcount so we can acquire facilities and equipment accordingly. So, I am asking those of you checking in this morning to copy this post shamelessly to your own sites and get a show of hands of those who are interested. If you can please let us know by this Friday how much interest there is, we will pass this information to the event organizers.

Let me know in the comments whether you are interested and we will collect this information. You can also contact Will Bower at PUMA/JustSayNoDeal and Darragh Murphy at PumaPac. The Confluence can be reached at We will be updating you with information as we get it.

Are you ready, PUMAs?


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