Note to Dem Elites: Remember 2000

24 Jul

Let’s jump into the wayback machine and take a look at the year 2000 when a small percentage of voters decided to vote a third party and ultimately changed the outcome for poor Al Gore. 

Many experts agree Ralph Nader as a Green Party candidate was a spoiler in the 2000 election, winning almost 2.9 million votes and helping tip the race toward then-Texas Republican Gov. George W. Bush and away from Democratic Vice President Al Gore. 

The location of those votes also impacted the election outcome. Back in 2000, in Florida, Gore lost to Bush by 357 votes. Florida’s electoral votes gave Bush the presidency. In Florida, Nader had nearly 100,000 votes. Had Gore had those Nadar votes, he would have carried Florida and won the election. 

Good thing the DNC really values Florida voters and treated them with respect during the dem primary right? Ooops! Well, maybe Floridians won’t hold a grudge against the RBC. Maybe they’ll forget Donna Brazile and others decided their votes were worth only a paltry half a regular vote. Shame DNC, shame on you fools for what is about to happen come Nov.

Sure, there were many factors (like republican election stealing and very bad decisions made by Donna Brazile) that caused Gore to ultimately lose, but an important part of the puzzle includes the small amount of votes that Gore might have had if voters hadn’t sought out a third candidate (Nadar) instead. That small group of 2.9 million votes put the outcome in jeopardy for the Dems. 

This year, political analysts believe that Nader may again siphon votes from a democrat (Obama) and this could again alter the outcome of the race, meaning that anything can happen in November.

We know PUMAs all have different strategies for this Nov. election. Some will: stay home, skip the top vote and keep to down-ticket dems, vote for Nader or others who may appear on the ballot, write-in Hillary if their state allows it, or some may go as far as to vote McCain.

It’s a personal decision and PUMAs will look to their own conscience and make a choice that is comfortable for them. The one certainty- PUMAs have decided NOT to vote for Obama.

If Nader’s 2.9 million votes were enough to jeopardize the 2000 election for Gore, can you imagine what will happen if 18 million Hillary supporters withhold their votes from Obama? If just a small percentage, say only 25% withhold their votes, that would be 4-5 million votes Obama would never get. That’s more than sufficient to change the outcome for the Dem Party.

So what does Ralph Nader think about his ability to spoil another dem candidate this year? He told MSNBC that he does not think he would block a Democratic presidential victory this year.

“If the Democrats can’t landslide the Republicans this year, they ought to just wrap up, close down, and emerge in a different form,” he said.

Exactly!! We may not vote for Nadar (though some may) but we will NOT vote Obama. The Dem Party can not count on our votes this year. They lost our votes when they spat on the more experienced candidate (Hillary) in favor of the weaker candidate (Obama) and then insulted, bullied, and disenfranchised too many of us.

DNC, you can demand our votes, you can tell us we have no where else to go, but I’m telling you…you’re wrong. We will find alternatives if we find your pick unacceptable. We’ve said NO DEAL to Obama and we meant it.

If you continue to push the less experienced candidate 18 million of us have already rejected, you will lose another presidential election. Election 2000 showed what happens when a small determined group of voters- who might have gone Dem- vote ‘other’ instead. 

The only real question is just how huge a loss it will be for Obama and what will emerge for the Dem Party afterwards. Go PUMA!


One Response to “Note to Dem Elites: Remember 2000”

  1. jimmydot July 25, 2008 at 6:05 pm #

    at last people are seeing that anyone but him is the right vote…

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