Ousted Dem Delegate Debbie Bartoshevich Speaks

29 Jul

“I have a right to vote for anybody I want to vote for,” she says. “I’m putting my country before my party…I’m finished with the party, the Democrat party.”

Debbie Bartoshevich – the former Democratic delegate from Wisconsin who supported Hillary and then vowed to vote for McCain instead of Obama only to be stripped of her convention credentials by the Wisconsin Democratic Party- spoke to the press.

Many PUMAs have expressed anger that Debbie spoke out. If she had just kept quiet, she could have remained a delegate, and made her vote for Hillary at the convention. While that’s one way to see it, I think Debbie has done an even greater service by publicly denouncing Obama and calling him out as unqualified.

We know that because Debbie was a delegate, her breaking ranks brought media attention. We also know it sent serious shockwaves throughout the Dem party. What we may never know is how her courageous action (to call Obama out on his lack of qualifications) may impact and influence other delegates who can still vote at the convention.  I would imagine Debbie’s story sparked a few conversations among delegates. Perhaps any who are on the fence about Obama might take their former fellow delegate’s comments to heart and choose to vote country and conscience over party.


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