Forgive NEVER Forget!

4 Aug

Yesterday was international forgiveness day. I tried to think of all the aspects of the Obama/DNC I wished to forgive. The list was very long.

They say forgiveness is more for the forgiver than the one being forgiven. It frees a person to let go of anger/hate and find peace beyond the events. I would like to find peace from the frustrating outrage I’ve carried since the RBC meeting.

Apparently, Obama is looking for peace too as he’s willing to now seat MI and FL as full delegations. The more cynical side of me thinks recent polls showing Obama losing in Florida might have more motivation than a sense of righting the wrongs Obama did to FL and MI voters.

In the spirit of forgiveness, I can try to understand the treacherous actions of the DNC. I can try to see how a desperate leadership could so blindly follow a Pied Piper who promised to give them everything they’ve every wanted. The DNC despondent over the Bush years decided to buy the Axelrod produced fairy tale without a second thought.

What the dem leadership hopes to gain by their tactics, will never bring the outcome they seek. We can already see evidence of this as the party has been torn apart in a bitter split- Obamabots vs. PUMAs.

To win the White House, more Senate seats, more donors, and more voters, the DNC behaved like republicans. They justify their tactics by claiming the end results are worth trampling on the very principles the dem party holds dear.

Long after the feeling of outrage has burned out, I will find peace. I will forgive the power hungry desperation that lead the dem leadership to such ruin. But I will never forget the path they chose for the party this year. 

We need a return to true democratic principles. We need to offer the world the best candidate for President we can get to take on the job. We need to honor all voters and all votes. We need to have the full process play out, not just handpick a candidate.

For me, continuing the PUMA fight is not about grudges or anti this or that, it’s about action to fix injustices done by people who lost sight of democracy in their mad thirst for power. Dean, Brazile, Axelrod, Kerry, Richardson, Pelosi, Reed, Obama…PUMAs are on the prowl. We won’t forget what you have done to trample on true democracy and process. When you lose the election (and you will) we’ll be there to fix what you have broken. You can ask for forgiveness, but don’t expect we’ll forget all that has transpired this election season.



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