In the News: PUMA’s Headed to Denver for Dem Convention

6 Aug

The PUMA roar has been heard- PUMAs will be on the prowl in Denver for the dem convention.

Via Rocky Mountain News

Hillary supporters not giving up -by Sara Burnett

Hillary Clinton supporters will march through Denver during the Democratic National Convention to show appreciation for the New York senator’s historic primary run and urge the party to place her name in nomination.

The city issued a permit Tuesday to Colorado Women Count/Women Vote for a parade on Aug. 26 — the 88th anniversary of women’s suffrage and the date Clinton is rumored to be speaking at the DNC.

The group also will team with 18 Million Voices, a national organization of Clinton supporters, for a rally in a yet-to-be-determined Denver park.

“We just want to celebrate Hillary’s accomplishments and what she’s done for the country as a whole and women in particular,” said Katherine Vincent, 55, of Louisville, who is organizing the parade and rally.

Vincent is among those passionate followers who believe Clinton’s delegates have a right to vote for her at the convention.

“That’s why they were selected,” she said. “We think it would actually bring the party together.”

Nationwide, Clinton’s staunchest supporters refer to themselves as “PUMAs,” short for “Party Unity My A–.”

They are raising money to pay for buses to Denver, and setting up a headquarters at The Broker restaurant downtown, where people can “check-in” when they arrive in town.

But the efforts to put Clinton’s name to a vote may be meaningless.

Clinton, who conceded to Sen. Barack Obama in June, must submit a request in writing to be nominated at the convention. According to published reports, Clinton has decided against doing so and has been urging her delegates to cast votes for Obama. [Not true- don’t believe it! See what Hillary really said]

Meanwhile, the Obama campaign announced Clinton will campaign for the Illinois senator later this month in Nevada and Florida.

Jenny Backus, a senior adviser to the Obama campaign, said Clinton is working closely with the Obama camp, and will continue to be “a tremendous asset.”

“Senator Clinton is going to play a critical role in the convention,” Backus said.

Clinton is scheduled to speak at an Emily’s List gala at the Sheraton Denver Hotel at 2 p.m. on Aug. 26. She will join Michelle Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at the event, a celebration of women’s suffrage.

Vincent is hopeful Clinton’s schedule that day also will include a stop by the rally — which she says will not include any messages that are anti-Obama or pro-John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee.

“We’re keeping it positive,” she said. “It’s a way of saying ‘Thank you Hillary, we appreciate what you’ve done.'”


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