Rain at Obama’s Coronation

13 Aug

As a friend and I discussed Obama’s choice of a 75,000 seat open aired stadium to accept his coronation, my friend wistfully remarked, “wouldn’t it be wonderful if it rained.”

She’s not the only hoping for rain. Jake Tapper at Political Punch has the story of a video encouraging praying for rain during Obama’s speech:

“Would it be wrong to ask people to pray for rain?” asks Stuart Shepard, director of digital media the political arm of the conservative Christian group Focus on the Family, Focus Action, in this video.

“Not just rain,” Shepard clarifies, “abundant rain, torrential ran, urban-and-small-stream-advisory rain.”

When would this rain come?

“The evening of August 28 right here at Mile High stadium in Denver,” so as to ruin Sen. Barack Obama’s plans to accept the Democratic presidential nomination.

“I’m talking-umbrellas-ain’t-gonna-help-you rain,” Shepard says. “Not flood-people-out-of-their-houses rain, just good ol’ swamp-the-intersection rain…network-cameras-can’t-see-the podium rain.”

In the video, Stuart Shepard goes into his motivation for ruining Obama’s big night. Sadly, it’s the typical conservative christian agenda (which I do NOT support). It’s a great video until it gets to that part.

My motivation is simply to see Obama get his due. To see karma kick his O-dacious butt and ruin his arrogant ego event. Also, I’m curious if Nancy Pelosi melts in the rain.

Do you melt?

Is rain the answer to getting rid of you Nancy?

I haven’t checked the latest Obamabot news. I’m hoping ‘the great and all powerful Obama’ has not recently been credited with control of the elements. I’m sure it’s a power his most devout and zealous fans (Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann) will bestow upon him soon.

You know who does really well in the rain – Hillary Rodham Clinton.

I say let’s pray/hope/wish/visualize/voodoo it up (choose your personal favorite) for both rain and a legitimate convention roll call vote that could result in Hillary as the nominee. Go PUMA!


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