It’s About Time!

14 Aug

Today came the announcement that Hillary Rodham Clinton will be included in a nomination vote during the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

I’m thrilled by this announcement! I’m also frustrated it took 2 months and so much PUMA pressure for the DNC and Senator Obama’s camp to finally agree to abide by the standard Dem Party rules and procedures for this convention. However, for this moment, I’m calling victory and just celebrating!!

We (PUMAs) have jumped one more Obama staged hurdle.

Superdelegates now have the option of choosing something besides just Obama. I don’t know if they will, but they have the option. For any Dem candidate to have legitimacy, they both have to be on the ballot. Delegates must vote for whomever they personally believe will be best as President.

I realize the story is being spun as a mere symbolic gesture meant to appease Hillary supporters. Well, for right now, I’m OK with that. I’m confident if anyone can turn this opening into something authentic, meaningful, and genuine- it would be Hillary Clinton. It’s in her hands now. I choose to  trust she has a plan.

In the meantime, PUMAs have plans of their own. The Denver Group intends to keep an eye on the DNC and Obama’s activities to ensure they hold true to their word by having a real open voting process at the convention:

There can be no caveats, no fine print. There has to be a legitimate, open convention with an acknowledgement that by their own rules the Democratic Party does not now have an official nominee. Senator Clinton’s name in nomination has to mean a genuinely democratic opportunity for super delegates to exercise their judgment and to cast their votes for the nominee they are willing to take responsibility for sending out against the Republicans, based on who they think will be the better candidate and the better President.

May the best candidate come out as the nominee! I know who I think that is:


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