Half the House for Hillary

16 Aug

Rep. Loretta Sanchez says she’s happy for the chance to vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton at the Democratic National Convention — and she predicts that as many as half of the Democrats in the House could join her.

It’s no wonder really.

Obama is not achieving the fundraising goals he set for his campaign.  He took in less in July (51 million) than in June (55 million). Can we guess what his numbers will be for August? I’m no psychic but I’d venture a prediction that Obama’s downward money spiral will continue with August numbers dropping below the 50 million mark.

Obama told the DNC he would raise 100 million every month through Nov- no sweat. Yikes! Bet he’s sweating now. Well, as Obama is still on vacation, it’s really Axlerod who is sweating- probably over a Chicago deep dish pizza he’s scoffing down at 3AM, followed by an entire quart of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Emotional eating is not the solution Axlerod. Just put down the pint of Chunky Monkey and call Hillary. She can help save you, save the Dem Party, and save the country too. It’s OK to call late night. You know she’ll answer her phone. It’s 3 AM and she’s ready.


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