The Denver Group 30 Second Adt

16 Aug

From The Denver Group:

Many of you (including the news media) have been inquiring about our first 30 second commercial, wanting to know when it would be finished. Now we can say it is and viewable here or on YouTube (because the visual is the fine text of the Declaration of Independence which can create distortion at low resolution it should be viewed in the high quality setting. YouTube does not allow that setting to be a default setting so we recommend watching on the YouTube site where you can see it in a higher resolution).

We have a number of different venues in mind as to where and when it will run, including CNN, but as always, when, where and how often we can run it is going to depend on your contributions. The more, as they say, the merrier.

By 5 p.m. today we will post our fund raising goals for the coming week. Time is short between now and the convention so the more contributions we get and the sooner we get them the sooner we will be able to make our media buys. And send the DNC a clear message about what we think of “symbolic” votes.


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