Hillary Supporters Switch Sides

21 Aug

I just love finding international news reports on the NoObama activities of Hillary supporters. We’re making so much noise, they can hear us around the world my PUMA friends!

I really appreciate how these reports are usually fair, balanced, and treat us with respect and legitimacy. It’s quite a change from the usual ‘bitter dead-ender’ insults our MSM employs when covering the PUMA movement.

Here’s a Channel 4 (UK media) report on Hillary Clinton supporters who have now switched their support to John McCain rather than vote for the unacceptable Obama.

Vodpod videos no longer available. 

A new survey shows Barack Obama trailing John McCain by five points, fuelling fears that his campaign is losing momentum.

For months he’s maintained a steady but narrow lead against the Republican in the polls, but now there are fears his supporters may be dropping off.

Among his detractors are many of Hillary Clinton’s supporters, mainly women, who believe Clinton was the victim of a sexist campaign to deny her the nomination.

Some have now set up an organisation to rally supporters to McCain.


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