Duh! It’s What We’ve Been Telling You All Along

22 Aug

Here’s an opinion column from Margery Eagan of The Boston Herald. An Obama supporter all along, she is now starting to have her doubts about ‘The One’. She’s not alone. I’ve spoken with several Obama faithful this past week who are losing their faith fast. The Saddleback Forum debacle worked like a remedy to Kool-Aid induced blind-to-any-and-all-Obama-faults. The loyalists realize what we PUMAs already know- Obama is not the best option. For her part, Margery isn’t suffering full blown buyers remorse just yet. She’s only beginning to question. I’m not concerned. It’s just a matter of time before that doubt turns into remorse and they join us in the NObama movement.  

via The Boston Herald

Hillary’s marauding women may be vindicated yet.

The tide has turned for The Precious, The One, The Eloquent and Elegant and Lithe and Liquid and Cool as a Cucumber – except for those unfortunate stick legs (which explain the sweats on the basketball court).

What happened to Obama’s Midas touch? Was it overkill at Coronation Berlin? The tongue-tied orator this weekend uh-uh-uh-ing before the evangelicals at Saddleback Church, his stumbles replayed all over the Internet? I watched and felt – how could this be? – like I was watching a George Bush press conference, sweating it out and wondering, “Oh no! Doesn’t he know the answer to the question?”

So he picks his vice president today, tomorrow, whenever. None of these contenders will give Obama more than a one-day buzz. I like Joe Biden, despite snide asides that he’s been preparing a 500,000-word acceptance speech since Iowa – and the hair plug jokes. (Is America ready for its First Plugged President? Must Biden be unplugged to lead?) After Obama picks whoever he picks, we’re back to the once soaring candidacy now fallen back to earth.

I know. I’ve been an Obama cheerleader. I’m still tryingto muster a respectful thumbs up. But let’s face it: The excitement during the primaries was Obama v. Hillary, not Obama alone. It was Obama vs. Hillary, and what’s loose-cannon Bad Boy Bill up to today? It was Obama, this completely unknown black guy, out-vaunting the vaunted Clinton machine. It was the audacity of his audacity, to steal The Messiah’s favorite word.

The only person who’d bring some excitement back is Hillary herself as veep.

No matter what Ralph Nader predicts, I doubt it. Then Obama would appear even weaker than he did last week sashayinghither and yon over Russia and Georgia. Besides, in a new poll, 28 percent of Hillary’s voters said they weren’t voting for Obamano matter what. Her biggest backers, includingPUMA (better known as The Party Unity My Ass girls), are imploring delegates to vote for the candidate who can win (Hillary). Many women still upset about the sexist attacks on Hillary – from MSNBC’s “nutcracker Hillary doll” jokes to Obama himself saying she’s “likeableenough” – aren’t interested in giving her the No. 2 spot when, they say, she earned No. 1.

E.J. White of Yarmouth is one of those post-50 Hillaryloyalists who just about drove off the road a while back when she heard some radio host wonder whether Hillary would be wearing a “girdle” to a speech. She says she’s hoping delegates will actually nominate Hillary in Denver, “It’s a long shot, I know,” she said, but “she should be on top.”

State Senate President Therese Murray, who about blew a gasket when the local boy-o trifecta – Ted Kennedy, John Kerry and Deval Patrick– dumped Hillary for Obama, sounded far more conciliatory, if not exactly Obamafied, yesterday. Both she and Majority Whip Joan Menard, Hillary delegates in Denver, said they’d be happy to see her as veep. Both downplayed Obama’s recent travails. Both said they’d vote for Obama in November despite shenanigans of “the DNC, which has a lot to answer for,” said Murray, “and the media that just kicked the hell out of her” while we fawned over The Anointed One. Which, I must admit, lots of us did.

I can’t say I have Obama remorse. Yet. But I’m nervous. How did he get so annoying? I wish he’d savenuance and sanctimony for senior seminars; give America some straight answers; crack some jokes at his own high-horse expense; convince me he’s up to this and soothe my furrowed, fretful brow.

That’s what McCain’s done lately. It’s working.


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