Saddleback Forum Back-to-Back Comparison

22 Aug

“McCain talked like a leader. Obama talked like a lawyer.”

“Obama’s much lauded rhetorical prowess was nowhere to be found. He came across flat, dull.”

“McCain’s performance was a revelation.”

“McCain spoke with clarity, ease, and directness.”

“McCain dominated, Obama withered.”

“I have a new drinking game- every time Obama says ‘uh, uh, uh’…”  

“I’d like Hillary back now please”

These are just a handful of remarks made by my independent/undecided friends after watching Obama and McCain at Saddleback. Not a single one of them said they would vote Obama after seeing this. McCain won a few over to him and a couple wished for Hillary to come back to the race. Obama is in major trouble. The video below makes it so obvious.



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