The Hassle and Hype of Obama’s Veep Watch

22 Aug

The vice presidential text message announcement from the Obama campaign is maddening to many. The only ones enjoying this ‘guess the VP’ game are the 3 Waldman kids who are enterprising enough to sell lemonade to the throng of reporters camped out across the street at Evan Bayh’s house.

Being a potential pick is no fun either. CNN has live, continuous feeds of Evan Bayh’s and Joe Biden’s homes. Bayh’s features a silent shot of his closed garage door in Washington. In Biden’s, there are random people wandering around.

Having reporters staked out in your yard and cameras aimed at your house doesn’t sound like fun to me. It sounds like being under siege. When Obama does finally announce his pick, the media will immediately pack up, leaving the ‘losers’ to feel like rejects from Team Obama.

It’s also no fun being fooled by hoax text messages. Having received a bunch myself, I don’t know if I’ll believe the real pick when Obama really does announce it. I guess I’m not alone:

The website Wonkette might have something to do with the proliferation of hoax messages. At 2:07 p.m. Wednesday, managing editor Ken Layne posted a step-by-step manual from a reader under the headline: “Freak Out Your Friends With Fake Obama VP TXT.” 

“We are proud to help cause confusion and excitement during this terrible boring week of no news at all,” Layne wrote in an email to Politico. “But we can’t really take too much credit for it – apparently one of our readers listens to Howard Stern (which is still on the radio?) and heard of the veep TXT hoax, and figured out an easy way to do it through Verizon’s TXT website.” 

Layne said he has personally sent about 50 messages announcing Mondale. 

“So many of my so-called friends have sent hoax (texts) to me now,” he added, “that I’ll probably end up ignoring the real one.” 

Source: Politico

Lucky for us all, 23/6 has put together a quick guide to spot the fake Obama VP text announcements:

  • The person announced is someone you know.
  • The person announced is someone you’re excited by.
  • The person announced is dead. The running mate selected by Barack Obama will definitely be a live person. Or Evan Bayh.
  • “Obama” asks he if “can come up?” Experts say it is unlikely he will want to come up, because, it is thought, he will have to work early tomorrow morning.
  • You are asked “is this my house?” This will be from John McCain. Write back “no.”
  • He asks you to “come to this bar. it’s great. dj is awesommme!!” It’s not. He’s not.
  • The text contains an unusual amount of obscenity. This is from Bill Clinton. Do not write back.
  • The text contains the word “dude.”

So who will the ‘lucky’ winner be…

Does it even matter? Putting aside all the media and Obama campaign generated hype over Veep Watch, PUMAs have already decided against Obama. Many will continue to do so regardless of the VP pick. Without the sizable PUMA voters, Obama will lose in Nov. It won’t matter who the VP winner is.


2 Responses to “The Hassle and Hype of Obama’s Veep Watch”

  1. Martymar August 22, 2008 at 6:26 pm #

    there is no sizable PUMA vote in ANY swing state, more so the further west you survey.

  2. alex August 22, 2008 at 9:09 pm #

    I believe Pennsylvania has a huge PUMA base. It’s where Operation Turndown (as in turndown Obama) started. According to Corbett and the many daily callers to his radio program, the PUMA movement has really grown in Pennsylvania.

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