Obama Camp Losing the Tech Offensive

24 Aug


Are you a busy NoObama blogger? With so little time and so many Biden gaffes to cover, how can you ever manage to keep up with it all? Fret no more. The GOP -inventors of such hits as the Swiftboat attacks- have created a new item sure to meet all your Biden debacle needs. Act now! it’s just a mouse click away. The GOP- making life easier for NoObama bloggers everywhere.  

OK, commercial parody aside, the GOP continues to win elections because they’re clever. They know how to use resources (like the web) to get their message out effectively. The dem party’s efforts are just pathetic in comparison.  

For all the hype of Obama’s ability to utilize technology to spread his cult ‘message’, it’s the pro-McCain groups that have truly harnessed the power of the internets.

In the past 24 hours alone, they’ve pushed out: a Biden for McCain ad, asked ‘why not Hillary’, and created a new website devoted to the inconsistencies of Biden with Obama’s message. It’s impressive. When they have an idea, they execute it well and in record time. 

The Obama campaign couldn’t manage a text message announcement without being plagued by text hoaxes or having the main-stream-media break the news first. Their efforts invite mocking- as the McCain camp did when it released the Hillary ‘Passed Over’ ad at 3 AM – just like the Obama text message the day prior.  

Clearly, the GOP has a far superior technology team. I’m just grateful the target is a candidate I don’t support.


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