PUMAs in the News

25 Aug

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CNN: When Will Bower, an ardent Hillary Clinton supporter and lifelong Democrat, founded PUMA, Party Unity My A**, his mission was to express frustration in the Democratic Party. Fast forward six months to Election Day, and he is proud to say he’s cast his ballot for the candidate he “trusts” most: John McCain.

Digital Journal: Overall, PUMA’s back in the news and the members are adamant about not voting for Obama.

The Toronto Star: PUMA (the acronym is for Party Unity My Ass) is one of the groups less than thrilled by Obama’s ascent.

Dallas Morning News, TX: I’ve been getting a pretty hefty response to a story I wrote in today’s paper that looked back on the PUMA movement (People United Means Action, or Party Unity My ****) and what they’ve been up to lately.

Dallas Morning News, TX: “The thing with all the different PUMA groups is that none of us are supporting Obama,” said Will Bower, one of the original PUMA spokesmen and a founder of PUMA08.com. “Before the convention, we all had our sights on the convention. It gave us one united force. Now that the convention has passed, a lot of different groups have different strategies.”

Blogger News Network: PUMAs are the One Group Who Has Already Gone Head-to-Head Against “The Obama Experience”.

American Thinker: They overwhelmingly tend to be former Hillary supporters.  Perhaps the most well-known of these voters are the “PUMAs” – which stands for Party Unity My Ass.

CQ Politics: Remember PUMA (“Party Unity My Ass”), the diehard group that stood by Hillary Clinton even after Barack Obama clinched the nomination in June, and was pressing to get a roll call vote for her at the Democratic convention?

Radar Online: But Will Bower, co-founder and spokesman for puma08.com and Just Say No Deal assures Radar that he’s not deterred, and that the movement is not suffering from a lack of enthusiasm.

Wilkes Barre Times-Leader: One organization – PUMA, which stands for Party Unity My Ass – has more than 5 million members across the country, she said.

Willamette Weekly: Obama’s victory over Clinton convinced Atkins that a conspiracy in her own party brought down Clinton. Atkins wrestled with anxiety and depression before turning to the Web for solace. There she found common cause with the PUMAs (“Party Unity My Ass”) —a movement of Democrats refusing to back Obama as their party’s nominee.

American Thinker: But the most striking thing to me was the PUMA count — about six of them, all youthful Hillary supporters furious at Obama, including one African American woman from another blue city. They were PR and Hollywood screenwriter types. We were all nice to the PUMAS and told them they were welcome in our party.

Prospect Magazine, UK: Some dead-enders formed a group called Puma (Party Unity My Ass) vowing to vote for McCain so that Hillary can run in 2012.

The Star-Ledger, NJ: It is almost insulting to watch the PUMA women set aside their hard fought liberal agenda because McCain had the sense to choose a woman as his running mate – just to get the PUMA (Party Unity My Ass) vote regardless of qualifications – almost as it is insulting to see the media lynching of said candidate.

Guardian.uk.co: The Pumas take on the pit bull. Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton have nothing in common beyond their gender – a fact not lost on former Clinton supporters

Sky News: The key to understanding this is to get beyond the smokescreen of the Party Unity My Ass (PUMA) movement.

People’s Weekly World: But one woman wearing a “Hillary supports Obama, so do I” button put it in perspective when she said, “Those women are PUMAs — Party Unity My Ass.

Juneau Empire: Mantouvalos hasn’t decided whom she’ll support in November. But she believes many former Clinton supporters will end up voting for McCain. And she thinks Palin will help make that happen.

OpEdNews: Darragh Murphy, Executive Director of PUMA PAC, told a reporter that “the only way to save the Democratic Party at this point is to destroy it. Mr. Obama must lose, and his supporters must be purged.”

The Huffington Post: Little did I know that there was already a hotbed of PUMA activity elsewhere in the blogosphere. Over at Riverdaughter’s “The Confluence” — inspired by the very same RBC ruling — a commenter known as “SM” (now “SM77”) had shouted out that very acronym, and Riverdaughter leapt into action with “The PUMA Unparty.” Soon thereafter, their fellow ‘Conflucian’, Darragh Murphy, would set “PUMA Pac” into motion.

Berkeley Beacon: The one group I didn’t spot in the march were the PUMAs (People United Means Action, or, winkingly, Political Unity My Ass) – the clan of pro-Hillary people that the pundits predicted would cause the biggest stir. We got word that the PUMA headquarters was a little office on the edge of downtown with bottled water, trail mix and free wireless internet. So off we went to set up shop and get to know what these people were about.

The Associated Press: “We’ve always been a few weeks ahead of the polls,” says the founder of the JustSayNoDeal Web site, a clearinghouse for groups of disaffected Clinton supporters seeking to punish the Democratic Party and Obama for what they see as inexcusable treatment of Clinton.

GRITtv: VIDEO- Word on the street was that a renegade band of Hillary supporters, known as PUMAs (“Party Unity My Ass”), would somehow crash the party. But where were they? They may just be an endangered species, says Thurston. Or a figment of the Republican imagination. Which points up a rather critical question. We still haven’t figured out how to reverse their narratives.

LA Weekly: In the past few days, several media outlets got wind of his story, and to his dismay, they were less interested in his experience as an Iraqi-American delegate than the self-perpetuating narrative surrounding the supposed intransigence of Hillary supporters and the PUMA PAC, which technically stands for People United Means Action, but means Party Unity My Ass.

The National, United Arab Emirates: “Most of us feel that she won the presidential contest, and this is the best way of honouring the presidential candidate who got more votes than any other candidate in history,” said Will Bower, a steadfast supporter who is leading the charge to land Mrs Clinton atop the Senate.

Your World with Neil Cavuto (FoxNews): VIDEO- Universal PUMA High Priestess Supreme, Ms. Harriet Christian, a true hero for Hillary, at the RNC.

Hot Air: VIDEO- We’ve heard that PUMAs are mythical creatures, those women who supported Hillary Clinton but prefer John McCain to Barack Obama.  Well, not only do they really exist, two of them felt motivated enough to turn the van around on the way home from Denver to get themselves into the Republican convention.

The Texas Observer: Similarly inclined PUMAs (“Party Unity My Ass”) marched through Denver Tuesday and tried to convince the same media they insisted had treated their candidate unfairly (while giving Obama a free pass) to write about Obama’s supposedly faked birth certificate and Party Chairman Howard Dean’s undemocratic anointment of the lesser-qualified candidate. (See http://www.justsaynodeal.com for more such sore-loserdom.)

Gay City News: McCain did what 18 million women couldn’t. By choosing Sarah Palin to run as VP, he got Obama and the Democrats to retrieve women from the sh** heap where we’d been dumped. At least for the moment.

DailyPress.com: Now that the Democratic National Convention is over, have all the PUMAs gone back to their dens? Is it safe to jog in the mountains or are rabid, ravenous Hillary Rodham Clinton supporters still crouching in the chaparral, patiently waiting until November, when they’ll avenge their candidate in one deadly pounce?

Charleston City Paper: I can accept the attempt at picking up a few votes from the “Party Unity My Ass” Hillary supporters out there, those gals who are so pissed off that Clinton didn’t win the Democratic Party nomination that they’d rather elect an anti-choice, anti-birth control advocate just to stick it to all those mean old men in the DNC. As Annie Wilkes once said, “You just better start showing us a little appreciation around here, Mr. Man.”

Boise Weekly: I’m convinced he has an excellent chance at snatching up all those remaining Democratic PUMA (Party Unity My Ass) people who are still fuming over Clinton’s loss. All eight or nine of ’em.

New Haven Advocate: Apparently the cable newsies were playing up the PUMA (Party Unity My Ass) business.

Windy City Times: And the two groups of pro-Clinton supporters we hear from the loudest—the “Party Unity, My Ass ( PUMA ) ” and “18 Million Voices”—feel “dissed” not only by the Obama campaign for not vetting Clinton for the vice-presidential slot but also by the Democratic Party for not addressing the glaring gender obstacles Hillary confronted. These groups are now out on the streets of Denver and online protesting.

Good Morning America: VIDEO- Geraldine Ferraro said: “A lot of those PUMA [Party Unity My A–] people and I will be watching very carefully to make sure that you treat her just like anybody else.”

CNN: That’s not to say all Clinton supporters would be adverse to a McCain-Palin ticket. A group called PUMA, which stands for “Party Unity My A**”, were Clinton supporters — both women and men –who are threatening to vote McCain.

Fairfield County Weekly: Apparently the cable newsies were playing up the PUMA (Party Unity My Ass) business.

The Orion: A play on the original movement, which stands for “People United Means Action,” the new PUMA crusade is a stubborn secession from the Democratic Party – and has about the same practicality as the South’s secession from the United States in the 1860s. We all know how well that worked out.

San Antonio Current: The phenomenon of PUMA (Party Unity, My Ass) and other Hillary-or-bust organizations became particularly bewildering at the convention because of the great lengths that Hillary went to in Denver to push for Obama’s election. But her deepest loyalists seemed to be saying, “We love you so much, we refuse to follow your advice.”

RedOrbit, TX: That kind of combativeness with Palin could cause some undecided female voters and some PUMAs, Clinton supporters whose acronym stands for “Party Unity My Ass,” to vote for the McCain-Palin ticket.

The Guardian, UK: Puma PAC, one of the hardline pro-Clinton groups refusing to support Obama, who thought Clinton’s invocation of Harriet Tubman in her endorsement of Obama (“keep running!”) was a secret code meaning they should keep up their campaign

Orlando Sentinel: There are still some self-described PUMA’s out there. (That’s actually the word they use — for “Party unity, my . . .”)

Irish Independent Ireland: If he’d gone for the hotly-tipped 60-year-old Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas, who has credibility, gravitas and shares Obama’s social liberalism, she could have won over the millions of disaffected PUMA (‘Party Unity My Ass’) Hillary loyalists.

San Francisco Chronicle: Barajas said within hours of the Palin news, he was contacted by Democratic PUMAS (“Party Unity My Ass”), who are upset that Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton wasn’t their party’s nominee for president or vice president and may want to throw their backing to the GOP.

Russia Today: VIDEO- PUMAs in Denver marching/speaking for Hillary.

Colorado Spring Gazette: A handful of PUMAS (Party Unity My Ass) were still prowling the 16th Street Mall the day after Clinton gave her prime-time speech endorsing Obama. Holding onto the last threads of their hero’s candidacy, they were chanting “This is what democracy looks like … This is what democracy looks like.”

Sunday Herald, UK: The hardcore Hillary refuseniks were certainly visible, marching through the city centre shouting “no we won’t” under the banner of Party Unity My Ass.

LA Times: In protest, PUMAs have taken a number of steps. Many were behind the successful initiative to get Clinton’s name on the ballot at the convention; many are now organizing a write-in campaign for the general election;

Barre Montpelier Times: Under the banner PUMA (Party Unity My A*#), the group managed to create a distracting controversy at what should have been – and ultimately was, despite their efforts – a unifying event designed to give the Democrats their best shot at taking back the White House.

Fox and Friends: VIDEO- Darragh Murphy interview.

NECN: VIDEO- Darragh Murphy discusses Sarah Palin VP pick announcment.

Gay City News: Die-hards or Divas? Though her candidate has lost the race to become the Democratic Party’s nominee for president, Diane Mantouvalos is standing by Hillary Clinton.

New Haven Register: To the No Obamas, to the PUMAs (Party Unity My Ass) who made more noise than news, she replied, “No way, no how, no McCain.”

Crosscut, WA: How will PUMAs — the unofficial group of soured Hillary Clinton supporters (“Party Unity My Ass”) — react to having a (pro-life) woman within striking distance of the glass ceiling?

Washington Times: “Please contact the DSCC and tell them that we will only support them (and their candidates) once it has been made clear to us that the Senate Democrats will elect Hillary Clinton as their leader in January,” said the email, which was signed by two pro-Clinton groups, the PUMAs, an acronym for Party Unity My Ass, and the Just Say No Deal Coalition.

Naples Daily News: “Everyone knows that Hillary Clinton had no choice but to endorse Barack Obama and to release her pledged delegates to him. Her having done so will not unify the Democratic Party. No one, including Hillary Clinton, can persuade us vote for him,” wrote Annette Cohen, a PUMA PAC member from California in an e-mail to journalists.

The Independent Florida Alligator:  Clinton’s delegates will mostly support Obama, despite the existence of a small splinter group known as the “PUMA Pack.”

Edmonton Sun: Offstage, Clinton surrogates James Carville and Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell were having an excellent convention number two. Carville, a de facto member of PUMA (Party Unity my *&%), said on CNN, “Well, if this party has a message it has done a hell of a job of hiding it tonight I promise you that.”

The Hill: Denver Group co-founder Heidi Li Feldman said she ran into former Democratic National Committee Chairman and Clinton operative Terry McAuliffe in Denver. According to Feldman, he told her, “Knock ’em dead.”

CQ Politics.com: Feldman says the Denver Group now plans to run more ads after the convention under the rubric of “Principle over Party.”…“All of that energy is now going to be channeled into making sure the Democratic Party does not inherit such incompetent leadership as we have had to endure this election season,” she said.

WashingtonPost.com: If Bill Clinton’s speech does not convince the Hillary holdouts to fall in line, if his compelling case against four more years of Republican rule doesn’t kill the P.U.M.A (Party Unity My A**) contingent, then the Democratic Party better get set to salute President McCain.

WashingtonPost.com: VIDEO- PUMAs appear (after the condom/banana segment) in this humorous report of the first day activities at the DNC convention.

Economist, UK: In cyberspace, a group called PUMA (Party Unity My Ass) says things about Mr Obama that would make most Republicans blush.

The Eureka Reporter: One group of disgruntled Clinton supporters calls themselves “Party Unity My Ass” and hisses mockingly at Obama on its Web site, “We are the ones no one was expecting.”

Monterey County Weekly: So the PUMAs (Party Unity, My Ass) for Hillary have no teeth?

Sydney Morning Herald, Australia: In her speech at the Democrat convention this week, while urging them to back Obama, Clinton affectionately paid homage to these women as the “sisterhood of the travelling pantsuits”. They are also called Hillary Holdouts, 18 Million Voices and, most deliciously, PUMAs (Party Unity My Ass).

Aberdeen Press and Journal, UK: And polls show that a significant number of Clinton supporters have refused to fall in line behind Mr Obama and some activists have formed the Party Unity My Ass political group

HeraldNet: “What will your members do when Hillary tells them to vote for Obama?” I asked Murphy. “They will not vote for Obama,” she replied. “I can tell you that.”

Terre Haute Tribune Star: Murphy, 39, is the founder of PUMA PAC, one of the most vocal assemblages of the enraged. Not unlike supporters of independent candidate Ralph Nader in 2000, the PUMAS — it stands for People United Means Action — view their party as broken and “corrupt” for its refusal to defend and back Hillary Clinton. They want Democratic leaders to pay and pay until they die.

New York Times: “I don’t think she believed that her supporters are going to fall in line behind Obama — her request was tepid,” said Darragh Murphy, on her way to the Denver airport Wednesday morning. Now that Mrs. Clinton’s speech is over, the rest of the convention holds little appeal for her.

St. Petersburg Times: “If we can’t have Hillary this time, we’ll have her in 2012,” said Belinda Velasquez, 50, a mother of seven who drove 700 miles from Cedar City, Utah.

Cherry Hill Courier Post: Jean Haas of Littleton, Colo., 56, an administrative assistant for a female-owned small business, took her 11-year-old twin daughters out of school Tuesday to march in a parade with a group called “18 Million Voices” — a reference to the 18 million votes Clinton received in the presidential primaries and caucuses

AM New York: “We won’t be voting for Obama, absolutely not,” said Darragh Murphy, executive director of the People United Means Action (PUMA) PAC, a group whose members gathered in Denver yesterday. “That’s our unifying mission. We’re reaching out to the delegates to make sure that they know that we’re here.”

Memphis Commerical Appeal: Some call them PUMAs — which crudely stands for Party Unity My Ass — but I call them silly.

The Progressive: Some supporters are acting like abandoned puppies with discarded chew toys. One group wandering around Denver calls itself PUMA, which stands for Party Unity- My Ass. Bringing them back into the fold is not going to be easy

Rocky Mountain News: Chanting “I own my vote” and “elected, not selected” a group of about a half-dozen Hillary Clinton supporters rallied this morning at a busy downtown street corner.

National Journal: Midway through the discussion, Abrams asked the panelists about the disaffected Clinton supporters who call themselves PUMAs (an acronym which stands for “Party Unity My Ass”).

Philadelphia Metro: “Right now we have this giant lever, this 18-million-voter lever that we can push in November,” said Kimberly Haas, a chemist in her “mid-40s” who co-founded the PUMA political action committee. PUMA stands for People United Means Action, Haas explained, though some prefer Party Unity My A—.

Bloomberg.com: What is PUMA you ask? That shows you don’t watch cable television, where PUMA — Party Unity My Ass — is starring along with sister organizations of the same ilk

Jossip.com: But PUMAs are to this week what Michael Phelps was to the last two, and MSNBC/NBC has found their niche in discussing and analyzing the rabid Clinton contingent.

Larry King CNN: VIDEO- PUMA & Just Say No Deal leader Elizabeth Joyce on Larry King.

The Daily Show: VIDEO- Will Bower and other PUMAs featured in comedy segment.

Nightline, ABC: VIDEO- Clinton die-hard supporters in Denver.

The Christian Science Monitor: Will Bower, a co-founder of PUMA, a strident pro-Clinton group, said the speech did not change his mind about Obama but yielded second thoughts about his earlier decision to back McCain. “I’m committed to not voting for Obama,” he said in a phone interview. “But Hillary’s speech reminded me that I’m not a Republican and I’m not excited about voting Republican. Tonight reminded me that I am still a Democrat at heart.”

Belfast Telegraph: The news that Hillary Clinton is being backed by a group calling itself Puma almost has me warming to the woman. Puma stands for Party Unity My Ass.

World News with Charles Gibson, ABC: VIDEO- PUMAs in Denver.

Washington Post: On Tuesday morning, hundreds of loyalists formed a 200-yard parade and marched through downtown. They shouted into loudspeakers and beat drums, creating a cacophony that echoed across the blocks. As they began marching, some of the supporters chanted, “We want a roll call.” Many of them wore their opinions on T-shirts: Country Over Party. Damn, We Wish You Were President. Still Making History. Democrats Left Behind.

Real Clear Politics: Yes, the PUMA’s are a small but vocal contingent, but as Murphy knows the polls show a substantial number of Hillary primary supporters unwilling to back Obama with roughly one in five or one in four saying they will back McCain. Those are not all PUMA’s. They are, in fact, exactly the kind of people Murphy describes.

The Australian, Australia: Like 21st century Miss Havishams regretting what might have been, Senator Clinton’s supporters have kept vigil in PUMA (Party Unity, My Ass) and Hillary for President paraphernalia.

NewsDay: “I will not support Obama. He’s not qualified. The whole system was totally fraudulent. He claimed to be something before, in the primaries, that was different, that was a new kind of politics, but he’s not. He’s not Washington politics, he’s Chicago-style politics and that’s even worse.

Rocky Mountain News: Several hundred Hillary Clinton supporters marched down Colfax Avenue waving signs and chanting loudly to demand she get a full roll call vote at convention. Their loudest chant was “18 million voices! We want the roll call!”

Rocky Mountain News: Some call them PUMAs – Party Unity My Ass – but I call them silly and shortsighted. Grown women behaving like toddlers who were told “no” when they expected only to hear ” yes.”

CQ Politics: “I think they are hell bent on having a pretend vote,” said Heidi Li Feldman, the Georgetown University law professor whose Denver Group sponsored advertisements this summer demanding a roll call vote on the presidential nomination at this week’s convention.

NewsDay: Shouting “Honest Roll Call!” and “Yes We Can!” several hundred of Hillary Rodham Clinton‘s most loyal supporters took to the streets of Denver on Tuesday to march in honor of her failed presidential bid.

News Cut, MPR: When the Democrats leave Denver on Friday morning, they’ll be taking a headache home, too: Puma PAC, the political action committee formed by Kafka’s colleagues.

Reuters: VIDEO- A Hillary Clinton supporter and member of the PUMA coalition speaks about her disillusionment with the nominating process and why she plans to vote for Republican John McCain.

MSNBC: Chris Matthews calls PUMAs ‘wackos’ during an outdoor taping of Hardball as PUMAs protested him in the background.

The New York Times: “This is not the usual reaction to an election loss,” said Diane Mantouvalos, the founder of JustSayNoDeal.com, a clearinghouse for the pro-Clinton organizations. “I know that is the way it is being spun, but it’s not prototypical. Anyone who doesn’t take time to analyze it will do so at their own peril.”

Guardian.co.uk: Supporters of Barack Obama claim the media is hugely exaggerating the numbers of the hardline pro-Hillary Democrats who call themselves “Pumas” – originally meaning “Party Unity, My Ass,” though it’s since been softened to “People United Means Action”.

American Thinker: I spent over an hour this morning talking with members of “18 million Voices,” “Rise Hillary Rise,” and “PUMA” (Party Unity My Ass), three of Hillary’s political support groups.

AM New York: “We won’t be voting for Obama, absolutely not,” said Darragh Murphy, executive director of the People United Means Action (PUMA) PAC, a group whose members gathered in Denver yesterday. “That’s our unifying mission. We’re reaching out to the delegates to make sure that they know that we’re here.”

NECN: VIDEO- Darragh Murphy and PUMAs Protesting in Denver.

NECN: VIDEO- Darragh Murphy of PUMAPac interviewed by New England Cable News.

Khaleej Times, United Arab Emirates: Clinton supporters, meanwhile, argue that the Obama camp has failed to reach out to them. “He hasn’t done much to attract my vote,” said Awilda Marquez, a Colorado delegate who served in Bill Clinton’s administration. “He has consistently said he does not need me.”

Channel 4, UK: VIDEO- Will Bower and other PUMAs are interviewed.

NY Daily News: Rivera, with the help of Daniella Taylor, a PUMA from Wichita, Kansas, showed off his “The Bronx is With Hillary” banner that he pledged back in Albany to bring with him to Denver. He then declared: “I’m a PUMA! I’m a Puerto Rican PUMA!”

Your World Cavuto, FOXNews: VIDEO- Neil Cavuto interviews Clinton supporter Harriet Christian at the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver.

Your World Cavuto, FOXNews: VIDEO- Cynthia Ruccia of Women for Fair Politics and a Hillary Clinton Supporter endorses John McCain instead of Barack Obama from the Democratic National Convention in Denver Colorado.

USA Today: VIDEO- Protesters rally in support of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton outside the Pepsi Center at the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver.

Black Amercia Web (BAM): The group PUMA, for People United Means Action – also known as Party Unity My Ass – was scheduled to hold a candlelight vigil in a Denver park Monday while Obama’s wife, Michelle, delivered her primetime speech to the convention.

National Journal: “I will never be for Obama. I don’t believe he has been fairly chosen,” said Marnie Delano, a New York member of People United Means Action, a PAC formed in June by Democrats who oppose Obama.

USA Today: “We would love to see her in the White House,” says Blaine Whitford, an artist from St. Petersburg, Fla., who helps lead a pro-Clinton convention group, 18 Million Voices. “This time, next time or the time after that.”

All Things Considered (NPR): AUDIO (and transcript)- In Denver, the die-hards wear T-shirts that read, “Only Hillary Gets My Vote.” They are fueled by Web sites such as Puma PAC and Just Say No Deal.

The Wall Street Journal: Delano acknowledges that the pro-Hillary crowd is a “loose-knit coalition.” It is also a highly aggrieved coalition: “A lot of our members have been threatened with death, a number of our bloggers have been hacked. . . . We’ve had a lot of cyberterrorism.” She gives me the office address of PUMA-PAC, the pro-Clinton political action committee, and notes, “It’s by the jail”–a location she says was chosen for its police presence.

KGO Newstalk Radio: AUDIO (listen online or download)- Darragh Murphy of PUMA (People United Means Action) spoke with Ronn about voting against Barck Obama or not voting at all because Hillary Clinton did not get the Democratic nomination, claiming that Hillary was denied delegates that were rightfully hers.

Boston Globe: The PUMA movement was born in the angry voices of the women in that room.

Melbourne Herald Sun, Australia: Some are so incensed that they’ve vowed to vote Republican and have even formed a protest group, PUMA (“Party Unity My A”), to ensure Obama, the ” unready candidate” and his associated “propagandists”, get nowhere near the White House.

CNN.com: “The DNC really pushed [Barack Obama] on us. Now they’ve left us with two choices: somebody who has no substance or a Republican,” said Jessi Cleaver, 35, of New York. “And these are terrible choices, and they worked hard to select this candidate. … We’re watching the DNC pick this candidate for us.”

The American Spectator: P.U.M.A., as well as the group Rise Hillary Rise plan a series of protests on Monday and Tuesday as well as a march, and the turnout at those events will be an indicator of how large of a constituency they actually represent.

Honolulu Star Bulletin: Clinton critics have said the New York senator hasn’t gone far enough to heal the wounds, an example of that would be the new group at the Denver convention, PUMA: “Party Unity My Ass.”

Denver Post: VIDEO- Riverdaughter and others at the Beautiful Protest and Rise/Cheeseman Park

FOXNews: VIDEO- Will Bower interviewed by Chris Wallace “Strategy Room” (8/26)

Denver Post: “We are here to oppose the primary process as fraudulent, intimidating, misogynist,” said Ann Walsh, a PUMA leader from Boston, as a group of mostly female supporters thronged the house, picking up placards and T-shirts.

The Boston Herald: Then there are the Nobama-at-any-cost squads such as PUMA, or Party Unity My Ass.

Fort Worth Star Telegram: Their organization is officially the PUMA Political Action Committee. The acronym officially means “People United Means Action,” revised from “Party Unity My [Donkey].”

The New York Times: Their acronym, PUMA, stands for “Party Unity My (bottom),” and they chanted lustily about a stolen election, bad caucuses and traitorous leaders. In the backdrop of “Hardball,” they were enough to all but drown out Chris Matthews and his guests, forcing him to address the drama unfolding right behind him.

National Post, Canada: “I do not support Barack Obama. I don’t think he’s experienced enough to be president,” said Kathy Skerl of People United Means Action, a political action committee formed after Ms. Clinton’s defeat.

The Australian: Some Clinton activists have joined the Party Unity My Ass group, whose catch phrase is “We are the ones no one was expecting” — a mocking reference to Senator Obama’s “We are the ones we have been waiting for”.

National Journal: “The party is telling us just to suck it up,” said Diane Mantouvalos, one of the organizers of justsaynodeal.com, a clearinghouse for Clinton supporters who refuse to shift their loyalty to Barack Obama. “We say, ‘No deal.’ ”

Boston.com: While Michelle Obama (re-)introduced herself to America and Ted Kennedy electrified the Pepsi Center, a mile or so away at the Paramount Cafe, a loud rock-and-roll bar in a rehabbed 1920s movie theater, college Republicans talked over chips and beer with the disaffected Democrats who call themselves PUMAs (for either Party Unity My A– or People United Means Action.)

The Times UK: Some Clinton activists have joined a group called Party Unity My Ass whose website trails the catchphrase: “We are the ones no one was expecting” — a mocking reference to Mr Obama’s line: “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

Salon: “This is where you see the civil war!” burbled Chris Matthews, experiencing near-asphyxiatory pleasure on an outdoor stage in the sweltering Denver heat, while behind him two competing groups, Obama supporters and the PUMA (Party Unity My Ass) backers of Hillary Clinton, chanted “Obama! Obama!” and “Hillary! Hillary!” at each other. Matthews looked as though he might wet himself as a camera panned the crowd, and he declared, “We’re at ground zero!”

CBS Early Show: VIDEO – Darragh Murphy of PUMA Pac appears (briefly) at 1:06 mark

FOXNews: Groups such as PUMA, Just Say No Deal, 18 Million Voices and The Denver Group are among dozens that continue to support Clinton despite Barack Obama’s coming nomination acceptance speech on Thursday.

Rocky Mountain News: Sheri Tagliaferri, a member of the group, said that they were opposed to a skewed process for selecting a Democratic nominee.

The National, United Arab Emirates: “As much as it makes me sick, I’m going to have to vote for McCain if she cannot pull out this nomination,” said Robin Purnell, 54, an insurance agent and lifelong Democrat and Puma PAC member from Indiana, who is also holding out hope that Mrs Clinton will somehow still win.

The Christian Science Monitor: “Hillary supporters are still very upset with the party, very upset with the media, very upset with the process, to the point where I think millions of them will not vote for Obama in November,” says Darragh Murphy, the founder of PUMA PAC, a pro-Clinton political action committee that claims 10,000 members and is planning a series of events here.

Guardian, UK: VIDEO- PUMAs protesting in Denver.

Slate: Whatever role these PUMAs(“Party Unity My Ass”) ultimately play, we are learning that Barack Obama’s ability to persuade is limited.

The New York Observer: This was very bad news for members of the Clinton-holdout group PUMA, or “Party Unity My Ass,” whose members started gathering on the other side of town about an hour after Rangel made Clinton’s wishes clear.

The Associated Press (AP): Take Will Bower, co-founder of a group of Clinton supporters. Hearing Bower talk about Obama, you might think you’re listening to Rush Limbaugh: “I find him inexperienced, I find him insincere. We have an unqualified candidate who has little more than empty rhetoric and a lot of money at his disposal.”

Wall Street Journal: But not everyone is listening. P.U.M.A (People United Means Action or, more popularly, Party Unity My Ass), a group unrelated to the Clinton campaign, is planning to hold a protest Monday afternoon just outside the Pepsi Center grounds to demand Clinton is treated fairly.

Canada.com: “I’m a registered Democrat but I will be voting for McCain,” said Saharra Bledsoe, 51, a Baptist minister from Indiana, who made the trek to the Democratic National Convention to keep the spotlight on the New York senator who narrowly lost the nomination to Obama. Bledsoe is part of a coalition known as PUMA – People United Mean Action, or, as its sister group is called, Party Unity My Ass…”

The Herald UK: Such diehards have been given the intriguing name of PUMAs – “political unity my ass”.

This is London: Any reference Mrs Clinton might make tonight to the controversy threatens to inflame supporters, especially those in PUMA (Party Unity My Ass), a pressure group which wanted party managers to dump Mr Obama for Mrs Clinton.

Newspaper Tree: “Do you know what PUMA is?” she leaned towards me. “Party Unity My Ass.”

The Guardian UK: “We will be looking for cues in what she says,” said Darragh Murphy, founder of People United Means Action, one of the most militant Clinton groups. “The last few times she expressed support for Obama, people picked up that she still wants delegates to fight for her.”

NY Daily News: A scheduled pro-Clinton march through downtown Denver Tuesday is co-sponsored by a group called PUMA, whose initials stand for “Party Unity My Ass.”

CNN Political Ticker: Sunday evening, a few dozen gathered in a former garage-turned-café a few minutes and light-years away from downtown Denver for the premiere of a new anti-Obama documentary, “The Audacity of Democracy.”

Melbourne Herald Sun: The group People United Means Action – also known as Party Unity My Ass – will hold the candle lighting in a Denver park today as Senator Obama’s wife, Michelle, delivers her prime time speech to delegates.

The Moderate Voice: (Will) Bower states, “Like FDR in 1932, Senator Clinton has the will of the Democratic voters behind her. It took four roll call votes for FDR to beat the party machine. We are here to make sure that Senator Clinton has a fair vote.”

Huffington Post: “Alas, no,” PUMA spokesman Will Bower told OffTheBus on Aug. 24. “We’re here to see Hillary Clinton emerge as the party’s nominee. Even if that doesn’t happen, we still won’t be voting for Obama in November.”

Post-Bulletin: Everybody is not going to be appeased. PUMA, or People United Means Action, is an excellent example of the Ossetia branch of the Hillary camp. Darragh Murphy, the PUMA spokeswoman, said that while her members are extremely happy about the agreement, it will have no effect whatsoever on their plans for perpetual resistance. Unless their state allows write-ins, she said, most PUMA members will stay home or vote for John McCain in November to protest the way Democratic leaders “allowed the primary campaign to go forward with the sexism in the media going unchecked by the party, along with the disenfranchisement of Florida and Michigan, and the shenanigans in Iowa and Texas in the caucuses.”

Boston Globe: A lead organizer, Darragh Murphy, is from our own backyard — Carlisle, Mass. (Though she’s Dorchester born and raised.) “A lot of delegates came into headquarters today and said it’s like an oasis, with Hillary buttons and signs everywhere,” she said.

Washington Times: “You can actually feel this party splitting,” said Diane Mantouvalos, co-founder of Just Say No Deal coalition, an Internet-based collection of more than 250 groups vehemently opposed to the impending presidential nomination of Mr. Obama at the party convention in Denver. “There is a lot of anger out there.”

ABC News: More than 100 Clinton supporters gathered at a party Sunday night to view a documentary highlighting what it called irregularities in caucuses won by Obama. The 40-minute film, called “The Audacity of Democracy,” was made by Brad Mays of Los Angeles, who said he plans to stretch it into a feature length by early next year.

Boston Globe: “This is a voter’s revolt,” said Darragh Murphy, who founded Puma PAC, a pro-Clinton political action committee whose acronym stands for People United Means Action.

Daily Mail (UK): ‘You can feel the Clinton presence here – it’s scary,’ an Obama campaigner told me. She (Hillary) is supported by legions of seething women Democrats and an action group calling itself PUMA – Party Unity My Ass.

Lowell Sun: None are more strident in their support of Clinton than the members of a political action group called PUMA, founded by Carlisle resident Darragh Murphy. Though the acronym technically stands for People United Means Action, members do little to snuff out the more commonly-used moniker, Party Unity My A**.

NY Post: “We’re giving cover to delegates and others who still believe Senator Clinton is the best choice for the party,” said Darragh Murphy of PUMA, or People United Mean Action.

The following Diane Mantouvalos quote appeared in an AP story picked up by international news outlets:

The Canadian Press: “It’s a total diss to Senator Clinton, in my opinion,” said Diane Mantouvalos, the Miami co-founder of the Just Say No Deal Coalition. “It just speaks volumes about how Barack Obama doesn’t stand for anything.”

Kölnische Rundschau, Germany:„Obama hat Hillary einen Schlag ins Gesicht verpasst“, so Diane Mantouvalos, Wortführerin einer Gruppe, die auf dem Parteitag zum Widerstand aufruft und deren Verachtung für Obama so weit geht, dass einige ankündigen, im November John McCain wählen zu wollen.

Radio Programas del Perú (RPP), Peru: “En términos muy reales, uno puede sentir que este partido se raja”, dijo Diane Mantouvalos, cofundadora de la coalición “Di que no”, una organización por Internet que sostiene que cuenta con 250 grupos opuestos a la candidatura de Obama.

G1.com.br, Brazil: “Em termos reais, é possível sentir que o partido se racha”, disse Diane Mantouvalos, co-fundadora de uma organização pela Internet que sustenta que conta com 250 grupos opostos à candidatura de Obama.

RD Noticias, Dominican Republic: “En mi opinión, es una afrenta total a la senadora Clinton”, dijo Diane Mantouvalos, cofundadora del grupo Just Say No Deal Coalition (Coalición ‘Simplemente No’ a un Acuerdo). “Explica de manera abundante que Barack Obama no piensa defender principio alguno”.

La Stampa (Italy): «Un gesto disperato», avverte Diane Mantouvalos, fondatrice della coalizione «Just Say No Deal» (Nessun accordo), convinta che scegliere il senatore rappresenti una «grave mancanza di rispetto nei confronti di Hillary».

Terra España, Spain: ‘En términos muy reales, una puede sentir que este partido se raja’, dijo Diane Mantouvalos, cofundadora de la coalición ‘Dí que no’, una organización por internet que sostiene que cuenta con 250 grupos opuestos a la candidatura de Obama.

Univisión: “En mi opinión, es una afrenta total a la senadora Clinton”, dijo Diane Mantouvalos, cofundadora del grupo Just Say No Deal Coalition (Coalición ‘Simplemente No’ a un Acuerdo). “Explica de manera abundante que Barack Obama no piensa defender principio alguno”.

Foreign Language Press (no idea what they say, it’s just wonderful to see ‘Party Unity My Ass’ ):

The Marker, Isreal: אגב המפלגה הדמוקרטית ונבואות זעם, חפשו ברשת את המלה Puma, ותגלו שלא, לא מדובר רק ביצרנית נעליים, אלא גם בראשי התיבות של “Party Unity My Ass

Tagesspiegel, Germany: Germany: PUMA“, (Party Unity My Ass) nennt sich die ehemaligen Hillary-Clinton-Unterstützerinnen, die offensiv umschwenkten.

Hoy Nueva York, NY: Pero Diane Mantouvalos, una demócrata desilusionada, cree que las cifras no reflejan la realidad.

La Opinión: “Nuestro grupo siempre ha estado con algunas semanas de ventaja en relación con las encuestas”, dijo Mantouvalos, fundadora del portal de acceso en la internet JustSayNoDeal.

Salon 24, Poland: Sondaże wciąż pokazują, że prawie 1/3 wyborców demokratycznych wciąż jest niezadowolonych z kandydata własnej partii i rozważa głosowanie na McCaina, a takie organizacje jak PUMA (skrót od równie jednoznacznego co niecenzuralnego Party Unity My Ass) czy Democrats for McCain przynajmniej w cyberprzestrzeni podnoszą głowę.

L’Occidentale, Italy: Alla richiesta di unità dei democratici hanno risposto a muso duro molte delle donne Puma (Party Unity, My Ass – Unità del partito vaff…).

Excelsior, Mexico : Otros grupos llamados Party Unity My Ass (PUMA), Simpatizantes de Hillary Clinton por John McCain y Just Say No Deal presumen tener a más de cuatro millones de integrantes, todos ex simpatizantes demócratas e independientes de la senadora por Nueva York, que prometen recaudar fondos y votos para el candidato presidencial republicano, en lugar de para el senador Obama.

Cyberpresse, Canada: Rebecca Traister, qui a suivi de près la campagne de Mme Clinton, rapportait hier dans le webzine Salon que les manifestations de pro-Clinton amers, dont les fameux PUMÀ (Party Unity My Ass, Unité du parti, mon c…l) étaient en fait plus rares que l’impression créée par les médias américains.

WELT, Germany: Puma steht drastisch für “Party Unity My Ass”. Die Einheit der Partei geht ihnen am Arsch vorbei; so wie andere gekränkte Hillary-Fans, die eine Gruppe “Citizens for McCain” gegründet haben und ziemlich vergeblich um Aufmerksamkeit buhlen. Aber was zählt, ist im Saal. Dort finden sich, selbst wenn man zäh sucht, am Dienstagnachmittag keine Rebellen mehr.

Libération, France: «Nous sommes un groupe de démocrates qui veulent protester contre l’élection de novembre et nous avons formé Pumapac (People United Means Action) en juin dernier», explique Darragh Murphy, la directrice de l’association.

Handelsblatt, Germany: Versammelt haben sich die Aktivisten, die sich unter dem praktisch unübersetzbaren Kürzel PUMA (“Party Unity My Ass”) organisieren, am Vorabend des Parteitages in einer ehemaligen Garage irgendwo am Stadtrand von Denver.

20minutes.fr, France: Les PUMA (Party Unity My Ass, unité du parti mon cul), les sites Justsaynodeal.com ou NoquarterUSA.com ont juré la défaite d’Obama.

Expresso, Portugual: Darragh Murphy, que fundou o grupo PUMA (“Party Unity My Ass”), diz que “a única maneira de mudar o Partido Democrata é se perderem. É o único poder que nos resta”.

Financial Times Deutschland, Germany: Parties gibt es viele am Rande des Demokratischen Parteitags in Denver. Doch nur eine verspricht in der Ankündigung: “Enttäuschung garantiert”. In einem unscheinbaren Backsteinbau am Flussufer haben die Aktivisten der Gruppe “Puma (Party Unity My Ass!)” am Vorabend des Krönungsparteitags für Barack Obama ihre Schmollecke eingerichtet.

Le Figaro, France: À l’extérieur de l’arène, l’armée des hillariens compte aussi se faire entendre. Plusieurs mouvements ont été créés pour prolonger le combat après sa défaite dans les primaires : «Just say no deal», «18 millions voices», Puma, pour «Party Unity My Ass» (l’unité du parti mon c**).

Aftenposten, Norway: But it the echelon am iallfall no matter built ennÃ¥. Anything but dive facts up new Hillary – brackets , as for instance PUMA “. It is a abbreviation for ” share Unity My Ass “, and more at this bracket members am attending ogsÃ¥ under today’s demonstrations in Denver.

Gazet van Antwerpen, Belgium: De meest uitgesproken groep die zich tegen Obama keert, heeft zich verenigd onder de naam PUMA of ‘Party Unity My Ass’ (vrij vertaald: de eenheid van de partij kan me aan mijn reet roesten). Deze Hillaryfans zijn verbolgen over het feit dat Obama geweigerd heeft haar als kandidaat vice-president in overweging te nemen.

Nettavisen, Norway: Det er ventet flere tusen demonstranter til Denver de dagene landsmøtet avholdes. Mange demokrater er forargret over at Hillary Clinton ikke er å finne på stemmeseddelen, og de mest dedikerte Clinton-tilhengerne kaller seg PUMA – «Party Unity, My Ass», et uttrykk som tydelig viser at de bryr seg lite om et enhetlig parti.

Hot News, Romania: PUMA (Party Unity Means Actions), 18 Milion Voices, The Rise 2008 si PUMA (Party Unity My Ass) participa la manifestatiile pro-Hillary din Denver.

La Gaceta de los Negocios, Spain: Y es que la campaña Party Unity My Ass (nos trae sin cuidado la unidad del partido), organizada por defensores de la ex primera dama (que tendrá un papel destacado en la convención) amenaza con aguar la proclamación oficial del aspirante demócrata. Desde abucheos a Barack a vítores a su rival republicano John McCain, todo puede pasar en la cita que reúne a partir de hoy a la gran familia demócrata y que es la más importante desde 1968.


8 Responses to “PUMAs in the News”

  1. Mountain Sage August 25, 2008 at 6:21 pm #

    Lots of press coverage….that’s great!

    Mountain Sage

  2. melody, Snohomish, wa August 25, 2008 at 9:30 pm #

    The stealing of the democratic or supposed democratic nomination, is an outrage. We are a very scary time concerning the democracy that the colonist fought so hard for. Wake up America!

  3. EMJ August 25, 2008 at 10:16 pm #

    So when will MSM pick up this story?



    The story now is not just the lawsuit filed in federal court on Aug. 21 and the DNC being served by a federal marshal today – and nary a peep from MSM?? It’s been 4 days – plenty of time for campaign to provide documentation refuting the claims — IF they’re not true.

    If you read Heidi Li on what happens if a candidate becomes “unavailable,” that’s what this is about. Since it looks like may not even be a citizen (never took oath of allegiance to US after being an Indonesian citizen in his 20s), he’ll be withdrawing soon.

    Go to your favorite MSM website – at “contact us” – ask when they’ll report on this.

  4. PaulC August 26, 2008 at 12:56 pm #

    This is a sad, sad site.

  5. Your conscience August 26, 2008 at 2:38 pm #

    One two tie my shoes
    three four shut the door
    five six pick up sticks
    seven eight don’t be late
    nine ten ring big ben

  6. Brian Higgins August 27, 2008 at 3:16 pm #

    Whoever compiled that list of news quotes did a smashing job of it! I guess the MSM has finally got the message.

  7. Anita November 7, 2008 at 8:38 am #

    What do you call an undemocratic president?



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