Hillary Heroes in Denver

31 Aug

3 Responses to “Hillary Heroes in Denver”

  1. Pinkie September 1, 2008 at 2:04 am #

    I just found your video. It made me cry all over again. We have to be sure that this Democratic party is history! Never again! I am so proud to be a PUMA! And thank you all for everything we did and to those who were able to make the trip! Always Hillary, Never BO.

  2. Alice Paul September 3, 2008 at 11:01 am #

    I most especially love the reasons outlined in the writing at the end! THAT IS WHY HE IS NOT GETTING MY VOTE! The DNC cheated. Where are those packets from the caucuses? Where did those unregistered voters come from on the lists? Where was our real and not scripted roll call vote? It’s call cheating your way into an election. It’s called misogyny when one candidate sits silent for hatred against a woman who has worked her whole life for democratic causes is the target of rampant vitirole when only a few months before that she has an 85 percent approval rating. Don’t tell me that didn’t come straight out of the dirty Obama campaign. If he had not run Hillary would still HAVE the same approval rating as always.

    So much was done here to cheat voters and to slam a respected woman that cannot be rectified. EVER unless you want to come out of the shadows and tell the truth about the “training” of ACORN and the cheating and stealing of our votes then YOU are a FRAUD and the “hope” candidate is the exact opposite. A liar, a vote stealer and a total sham.

  3. DaddysDarlin September 3, 2008 at 4:25 pm #

    Hey girl, it was so good to meet you in Denver! Wonderful video, it makes me cry to look at it, but then again it is what it is.
    Hillary is still our girl, she did everything for the party and they still treated her like shi*!
    They cant blame a landslide loss to McCain on her but they sure as hell are going to try. Take the blame where it should go, to the Obama camp, the corruption of the DNC, Howard, Donna. Nancy and the rest of the corrupters in the party. To let a man get away with what Obama got away with, cheating, lying, fraud, fraudulent voter registrations, fraudulent caucus’s, the outright stealing of the voter packets and pin numbers to call in the votes, fraudulent votes called in by the Obama camp were to be disqualified, yet an hour later Boyd Richie in Texas announced Obama as the winner, he knew the numbers were fraudulent yet still allowed them! This is the kind of party I want no part of, when democracy returns to the democratic party I will return and not a moment sooner!!! Good Luck in all you do, much love to you in the Bay Area!!!

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