The PUMA Vote

31 Aug

Without Hillary on the ticket (preferably top of the ticket) how will PUMAs vote? We have options- not good options- but options. I would never presume to tell anyone how to vote. It’s your choice, your vote. Here are what other PUMAs are considering doing with their votes:

1. Leave the top blank. Vote down-ticket dems only

2. Go third party candidate- like the Green Party ticket of McKinney/Clemente- an excellent option for dems who can never stomach voting republican 

3. Vote McCain/Palin

4. Stay home on election day

I really hope everyone will vote. It’s our right. No matter how angry we are at the DNC or disappointed that Obama is the dem candidate this year, voting is so important. I urge every PUMA to please consider voting this election-even if it means leaving the top of the ticket blank. Your vote matters! Vote your personal truth and let’s all hope Hillary will run again in 2012.



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