Estrich: 30% of Clinton Backers Could Vote for McCain/Palin

3 Sep

Susan Estrich, a longtime democrat and former Mike Dukakis Campaign Manager, believes as much as 30% of women who supported Hillary during the democratic primaries, could support McCain/Palin now.

That’s 5-6 million out of the 18 million! My goodness, that’s enough to change the outcome of the election. The powers that be have underestimated the anger women (and many men) feel over the overt sexism towards female candidates this year. The more it continues against Sarah Palin- working mother of 5 who has an 80% approval rating as Gov. of Alaska- the more likely women are to support and embrace Palin.

So go ahead Obama supporters and MSM- keep attacking Palin on her sex, her children, her boldness for accepting a job that was offered to her. Watch women from all walks of life, all points of view, come together in support of her. It doesn’t matter if they are a dem or a republican, women are fuming mad and ready to act. The Obama camp has done little to stop the misogyny within the dem party. It is about to cost them an election where women will be the deciding swing vote.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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