It’s So On!

4 Sep

Rasmussen poll: Hillary Clinton vs. Sarah Palin in 2012 Presidential matchup

Voters by a substantial majority think a woman is likely to be elected president in the next 10 years, and nearly half (48%) think Hillary Clinton is at least somewhat likely to be the one.

But not if men have their way. In a head-to-head match-up, they prefer Sarah Palin over Clinton 49% to 45% according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Women prefer the former first lady over Palin 57% to 35%.

Voters overall give Clinton the nod 52% to 41%

It’s never too early to start thinking  beyond this terrible election and towards Hillary’s presidential bid in 2012.

We’ve pulled out the creative visualization kit and here’s what we see:

After Obama loses by a landslide in Nov., the people will turn out the dem leadership (Pelosi, Dean, Reid, Brazile, Kerry…) that corrupted the primary process and pushed forward the weaker candidate against the will of dem voters.

If McCain seems old now, give it 4 years and he’ll seem ancient. I know his mom is still very much alive, feisty and kicking up a storm all over Europe (God love her, she’s so awesome), but that doesn’t mean he’ll be running for a second term. He’ll want to enjoy some retirement (we hope).

That’s moves Palin forward from VP to Pres- if she’s been doing her job effectively- and we see no reason she wouldn’t be doing a great job as she has in every previous position she’s ever held.

With McCain out, Palin in, who better to take her on then our own democrat champion Hillary Clinton, savior of the newly rebuilt Dem party of 2012!

Hillary will be our first elected female President.

Sarah Palin will help pave the way by breaking through the glass ceiling as VP in 2008. It’ll be a feat we will always remember, honor, and thank her for achieving for women everywhere. Sarah will prove that women can win on a national ticket. Hillary will prove they can win at the very top of the ticket.

Hillary in 2012!


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