New Ad from The Denver Group- Hooray!

4 Sep
Click on image for larger view.
The Denver Group is not done. They’re just getting started. This ad will appear in the Lansing State Journal, Michigan’s capital city newspaper on Sept 4, 2008.

Why the Lansing State Journal in Michigan you ask?

“We jumped at a good opportunity to kick off post-convention ad campaign in Michigan, because Michigan voters suffered every sort of indignity at the hands of Democratic Party leaders who now seem only too willing to take them for granted.”

Is this the only print ad? What about those snooty Washington insider know-it-alls? Don’t we want to get to them too?
“We still want to reach the Washington “insider crowd” and for that we need to hit the fundraising goals we have specified previously – $4000-5000 in additional contributions as soon as possible, $9000 at least total by the end of this week or the beginning of next . We are thankful to those who have contributed to our goals so far and we hope that this ad gives you a pleasing idea of what’s to come, when our resources permit.”
How can I help The Denver Group?
If you wish to donate you can learn how here.

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