Corbett Jumps From Dem Party

5 Sep

Via Newmax:

Steve Corbett, a rabid Hillary Clinton stalwart who packs clout as the biggest talk-show host in northeastern Pennsylvania, has abandoned the Democratic Party to shout across the airwaves: “Nobama! Nobiden! Nobull!”

Corbett, who led what he called “Operation Turndown” in a foiled attempt to deny the nomination to the “unqualified” Barack Obama and award it to Clinton, recently told his radio audience that the way his heroine was “disrespected” at the Democratic convention “put me over the edge.”

“Like Hillary Clinton, I’ve decided to move on. It’s time for a change,” he told listeners on the popular AM station, WILK.

And Corbett is still fuming — especially at the women he contends betrayed Hillary.

“A whole new generation of young women who have no sense of the sacrifice that took place before they were out of diapers have signed on to the anti-Hillary assault as well. Sadly, even some of them sneer at the sexist portrayals of this woman who sacrificed for them and did her best despite harsh odds to bring equity to the workplace, the home and the country.”

The disaffection of Corbett, a well-known voice in the vital Keystone State, is not especially good news to the Obama camp. Vice-presidential nominee Joe Biden, the senator from Delaware, has gone out of his way to emphasize that he is the offspring of simple working stiffs from the hardscrabble town of Scranton.

But Corbett delights in letting the Obama crowd know that rhetoric in a jammed stadium in Denver hasn’t turned the collective heads of the white working class.

“Voters will come from hunting camps, church picnics, NASCAR races and country music concerts to turn down Obama,” Corbett jeers.

Most recently, the volatile radio personality has been lambasting Obama for disrespecting another personal hero: war hero John McCain.

“It was bad enough that Obama assaulted Hillary Clinton’s character during the primary elections,” Corbett laments. “Now he attacks the fighting spirit of a Navy hero who survived his plane getting shot down over enemy territory, torture and the deep psychological wounds of captivity.”

Corbett follows up with an ominous warning: “Pennsylvania, particularly the coal region, boasts too many veterans and families of active-duty military personnel to let Obama snipe at duty and honor from his ivory tower. Blue-collar voters don’t take kindly to serial hecklers who’ve never been to boot camp.”


And the boot-camp dig is just the start of Corbett’s colorful outrage.

“A dozen packed stadium rallies won’t convince the voting bloc Obama needs to win that he is anything other than a spoiled, childish senator who wants more than anything to be crowned king,” he says scornfully.

So is Corbett’s vitriol catching on? When he announced that he was bailing from the Democratic Party, his phone lines were jammed immediately with supportive callers.

Now that the long-time Democrat is cheering for McCain, he’s watching out for the Republican’s female running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Corbett’s latest warning is typically blunt: “Wild Bill Obama doesn’t want to taunt this woman. Like McCain, Palin is nobody to mess with. She carries a gun, rides a motorcycle, and battles big oil and corrupt politicians of both parties in some real tough terrain.”


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