Joe Knows It Should Have Been Hillary

10 Sep

Ben Smith at Politico reports:

Biden, today in Nashua, NH, in response to an inaudible question from an audience member:

“Make no mistake about it Hillary Clinton is as qualified as or more qualified than I am” to be vice president, Biden said. “And quite frankly, she may have been a better pick than me.

UPDATE: Politico’s Victoria McGrane points out that his remark came in response to a question from a man saying he was glad Obama had chosen Biden over Clinton; Biden was rising to her defense.

Rising to her defense or not, Biden spoke what many dems have already concluded. Hillary should have been on the ticket if not in first place, definitely in the second position. Obama blew it by not even vetting her. His loss is our gain when Hillary takes the forefront again for 2012. Go Hillary! Go PUMA!


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