Palin a B12 Shot for McCain Ticket

12 Sep

Via New York Times:

FAIRFAX CITY, Va. — Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska may have hijacked Senator John McCain’s presidential campaign, but Mr. McCain is acting more and more like the happy captive. And why not? Probably the biggest crowd of his 2008 campaign turned out this morning at Van Dyke Park in northern Virginia, chanting “Sarah, Sarah, Sarah!’’

The Fairfax City fire marshal estimated the crowd at 15,000, their numbers clearly evident as they covered the grassy hillsides and spilled down to a large outdoor stage. “I am so grateful for this turnout!’’ shouted Mr. McCain, who attracted crowds in the low hundreds before he selected Ms. Palin as his running mate.

Dems, be afraid, be very afraid. The election has slipped away from you. Hillary was your shot at the White House and you picked the weaker candidate. Look how quickly the Obama camp stumbled after the unexpected arrival of Sarh Palin. They’re still trying to gain a footing, but clearly have not as the public and press are still discussing the ‘lipstick pig’ story not Obama’s message of hopey-change.


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