Live from New York…it’s Sen. Obama

12 Sep

According to People Magazine the Democratic presidential nominee will appear on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live, with guest host Michael Phelps.

As soon as Sarah Palin’s star power eclipses his own, Obama runs to SNL for a celebrity boost. Talk about a diva! 

Perhaps he hopes Michael Phelps’ star power will rub off on him? Obama better leave the speedo wearing to half-man/half-sea-creature Michael Phelps please

The last time Obama appeared on SNL was in November 2007 (see video below) – when he was battling the political star power of another formidable female, Hillary Clinton.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

So much for Obama’s concern that the media focuses too much on entertainment nonsense instead of the serious substantive issues he wants to discuss.

With the election a mere 53 days away, it might be more prudent for Obama to spend time prepping for the debates with McCain instead of prepping for SNL with Michael Phelps. Sure, we’d rather spend time with Michael Phelps too, but we’re not running for president.

If Joe Biden needs 4 days of practice debates with Michigan governor Granholm (a dem woman) to prep for his debate with Palin, then it’s time for Obama to get serious (not silly) if he hopes to survive a face off with McCain.


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