Obama’s New Women’s Group- HA!

15 Sep

Via Boston Globe:

With Sarah Palin helping John McCain make inroads among female voters, Democrat Barack Obama today announced a new group of women who are business leaders, astronauts, athletes, and elected officials.

The Obama campaign said the women give advice, speak on his behalf, and “where appropriate” push back on false attacks.

“Change has never been easy, it’s always been hard-fought with bumps and bruises along the way, but these women leaders have had the tenacity to charge on. I am honored to have the support of such remarkable women who have broken down barriers and paved the way for change for my daughters and generations of women. In accepting their support I also accept the great responsibility to carry the torch by advancing women’s rights and bringing the change women need,” Obama said in a statement. “For every Sally Ride, Tory Burch, or Billie Jean King, there are hundreds of young women out there whose dreams seem a little more possible. As president, I will work to safeguard and support those dreams for my daughters and future generations of Americans through policies that further opportunity for all.”

Who does he think he is fooling!? Obama has the audacity to “accept the great responsibility to carry the torch by advancing women’s rights and bringing the change women need.” I can’t believe the nerve of him! How dare he claim any such thing after he pushed aside Hillary -a more experienced/qualified woman- to advance his own ambitions! Does he think a pledge to advance women’s rights will suddenly make everything OK between him and women voters? This ‘sweetie’ is not fooled. This ‘sweetie’ will remember in Nov.  

Karen S., a commenter at Boston.com, sums it up very nicely:

Newsflash Team Obama:
Putting Gov Palin on the national ticket has done more for giving young women and girls a role model and a dream to look up to than any number of partisan hacks you could trot out.

The PUMAs met with you and asked you to appoint more women to your Cabinet if you win and you laughed in their faces.

You ran an offensively misogynist campaign against Hillary.

We haven’t forgotten and we will make our feelings known on Nov 4th.


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