A Vote for Ed O’Reilly

16 Sep

Just got back from the polls where I cast my vote for Ed O’Reilly. I feel ecstatic. It’s not everyday I can vote for change in MA politics. There just aren’t words to express how shocked/awed/amazed I felt when I looked down at my ballot and saw another name below John Kerry. A real choice! 

It’s the first time in 24 years- that’s 4 elections- MA democrats have had a democrat alternative to John Kerry. It’s just mind blowing liberating!

My precinct was extremely busy. There’s a local town override issue under hot debate. If it does not pass, then a local fire station will be closed and up to 4 police officers in the town could be laid off. It’s really brought out the voters in my local area. Hopefully, since many were there voting for the town ballot, they also cast votes for the state ballot as well.

I don’t know if enough voters are willing to go forward with newcomer Ed O’Reilly vs. known quantity and familiar face John Kerry, but if there was ever a year to make that change- this is it. I hope O’Reilly wins or at least has enough votes cast for him to strike real fear in the minds of the dem leadership watching this race. If Kerry can be challenged- so can anyone of them.

Best of luck to all MA voters heading to the polls today. Vote O’Reilly. Let’s make real change in MA.


2 Responses to “A Vote for Ed O’Reilly”

  1. David Bright September 16, 2008 at 2:36 pm #

    what town are you talking about?

  2. Peter September 16, 2008 at 6:08 pm #

    I’m live in the western part of the state. I voted for Ed too. Kerry doesn’t need the job and we the voter in MA sure don’t need him. Good riddance.

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