Boston Globe Article on Kennedy Voting Today

16 Sep

Following local coverage of state primary race in MA.

Via Boston Globe:

By Anne Baker, Globe Correspondent

US Senator Edward M. Kennedy, the liberal icon from the Bay State who is battling a brain tumor, didn’t let his illness stop him from voting in the state primary today.

He cast his ballot at the Town Hall on Main Street in Hyannis, putting in a few good words for his colleague, John Kerry, the junior senator from the state who is facing a primary challenge from Gloucester lawyer Edward O’Reilly.

“I’m hopeful that people will take the primary seriously. We’re very hopeful that our good friend and colleague John Kerry will get a strong vote and there’ll be a strong turnout in the state,” he told the television cameras.

Jacqui Michelev, who was in charge of the polling place, said Kennedy offered his name and address “like any other voter.”

“He was very warmly greeted by everybody here,” she said in a telephone interview. “People were very glad to see him. … I thought he looked terrific. He was smiling, he looked happy. He looked good to me, which is nice to see.”

Kennedy has been absent from Washington since he was diagnosed with the illness in May, with the exception of a single dramatic appearance to cast a vote. But he has continued to work, issuing numerous statements and signing onto several bills and amendments. His last major public appearance was a powerful speech at the Democratic National Convention last month in Denver.

Aides have said he plans to continue working at home through the fall.


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