First Dude Todd Palin Interviewed by Greta

16 Sep

Last night, Greta van Susteren of FOX News “On the Record” broadcast the first mainstream media interview of “First Dude” Todd Palin. Greta traveled to Alaska for the interview.

I love the bit where Greta and Todd are walking around outside the Palin home and in the background you can see a lawnmower. It’s just such a normal average person thing to have around the house.

Both Palins seem to me like regular down to earth people. I suspect many Washington insiders – the kind that like to summer on Nantucket and attend gala functions in black tie- are still recovering from the shock of this interview. Imagine the audacity of the Palins to think they could enter the powerful political tier of Washington society! I would guess the Washington elites haven’t been this rattled since Bill Clinton from Arkansas came to town. Oh the horror!  

Part 1:

Part 2:

Bonus: Gum chewing, baby totting, stand by your man ’cause he just won a snowmobile race Sarah Palin back in 1995, shown during Greta’s “On the Record” interview with Todd Palin. 


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