In Support of Ed O’Reilly

16 Sep

This came in as a comment, but I think it’s worth a full post spotlight:

I am writing in support of HR 676, the universal, single-payer, health care bill drafted by Rep. John Conyers of Michigan and endorsed by more than 350 labor organizations, medical associations and units of government throughout this country. I’m urging you to support HR 676 by voting for Ed O’Reilly for U.S. Senate in Tuesday’s Massachusetts Democratic primary.

The current health insurance system in this country is unhealthy for workers, retirees, returning veterans, and the economy.

We know HR 676 would fix this. We know it would cover ALL Americans for less than the cost of what we now pay to leave 45 million Americans uninsured. We know it would be the key to restoring America’s manufacturing infrastructure. We know that with health care off the negotiating table, it will be that much easier to put wage increases, job security and benefits back ON the table. No longer will we be forced to forgo a cost-of-living increase just to keep our shrinking healthcare benefits.

We know the problem, we know HR 676 is the answer, so why haven’t we been able to get the job done?

Simply put, when it comes to true health care reform, it’s our own party, the Democratic Party, that must accept much of the blame.

Over the years we have heard countless politicians promise they will deliver true health care for all, then refuse to actually do anything to get the job done.

We’ve heard politicians say they will provide health INSURANCE (not care) for children, but not for their parents, ignoring the fact that an ill parent can do little to care for a child.

We’ve heard politicians promise to help small business owners provide insurance to their workers, only to learn that this assistance is nothing more than using taxpayer money to subsidize the payments businesses make to the big, for-profit, insurance and drug companies.

We hear politicians on one hand talk about taking on those insurance and drug companies, while at the same time holding their other hand out behind their back to accept money from those same companies.

If activists and others who want single-payer health care vote for candidates who support single-payer health care, we’ll have single-payer health care. But if activisits and others who want single-payer health care continue to support and vote for vote for candidates who don’t support it, that will be a signal to the politicians, the Democratic Party leadership, and other Washington special interests that they can continue to ignore us.

This year, it’s time political activists show some courage. When it comes to health care, we can no longer continue to support candidates who don’t understand us, don’t care about us, and don’t represent us. This year we need to vote for candidates who will work to get HR 676 passed. We need to stop trying to please a lesser-deserving candidate in the hopes that candidate will somehow change and become a true union supporter.

In Massachusetts there is a great opportunity to do this on Tuesday, Sept. 16, by voting for Ed O’Reilly in the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate. Ed O’Reilly is a working-class guy, a former fire fighter and AFL-CIO member. He’s one of us. And he is a strong supporter of HR 676.

Before you cast your vote on Tuesday, look at Ed O’Reilly’s position on health care at

Compare it with what his opponent, John Kerry, says about health care at

Then decide whether you want another six years of not getting the job done, or whether you are ready for some real change that will make life better for you and your family.

If you are honest with yourself, and not afraid to cast a vote that will deliver a message to the Democratic Party and to the Washington special interests, you’ll see it’s in your best interests to proudly cast a vote for Ed O’Reilly for US. Senate.


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