To Overcome Biden’s ‘Penchant for Smarminess’

17 Sep


Via American Spectator:

Senator Joe Biden is spending between three to four hours a day prepping for his debate with Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, with that time to be increased over the next two weeks. According to campaign insiders, at least ten to 15 outside volunteers — beyond those already working on the campaign — are assisting in both Biden’s and Obama’s debate prep. Debate prep for both John McCain and Palin hasn’t been made public, though it is known that Palin is putting in study time for her October 2nd debate in St. Louis.Of biggest concern to Biden, and the focus on the debate, are domestic policy issues, in-depth foreign policy details that will highlight what the Democrats believe are Palin’s weaknesses on international issues, and what an Obama adviser called Biden’s “penchant for smarminess.”

Biden is notorious in the Senate for his long-winded questions and his inability to limit his comments to questions during interviews and floor debate, and Republicans and the McCain campaign have been banking that Biden’s ego and frustration over the lack of attention focused on him will drive him to overcompensate during the debate.

“But we’re not going to let that happen,” says the Obama adviser. “When Joe wants to get in a zone, he can get in the zone and stay there. He really wants to be in the zone for this debate and he is working hard. I saw him work hard to prep on the Roberts and Alito confirmation hearings. He’s working twice as hard on this, because the stakes and the rewards are so much higher.”

Can hours devoted to this effort erase habits cultivated over 30 years? We’ll soon find out!


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