Two More Hillary Supporters Endorse McCain

19 Sep

What a week. The number of former Hillary supporters coming out to formally endorse McCain continues. So much for the ‘democratic unity’ story being recounted and recited by Obama supporters Pelosi, Brazile, and Dean. PUMAs realized long ago that ‘unity’ is just a town in New Hampshire. A myth just like Obama’s ‘new style politics’.

Via NoQuarter:

palin.jpgToday, McCain-Palin 2008 released a partial transcript of a conference call held this afternoon with Miguel D. Lausell, Senior Political Advisor to Hillary Clinton, and Clinton Delegate-at- Large Luchy Secaira (Florida). Both Lausell and Secaira endorsed John McCain for president.

Here are excerpts from the conference call:

Luchy Secaira: “I was a very strong Hillary Clinton supporter because she had a set of principles, characteristics, and her stand on the issues along with a track record of fighting on behalf of families. That was very attractive to me.

“Well, we now know that the primaries are over. However, those qualities are not transferable. I do not believe that Senator Obama shares in those qualities. Therefore, my support and my vote is also non-transferable.

“I cannot say the same about Senator Obama. We don’t know what we’re getting when we vote for him. He doesn’t really have the experience.”

“I am supporting John McCain and Governor Palin because John McCain has spent his whole life standing up for his country. He has a record of fairness, compassion, responsibility, and giving back.

“Governor Palin is a woman of compassion and accomplishment in the mold of Senator Clinton. So I have chosen to put my country before my party and this is the ticket to support.

“They both care deeply about working families. They are reformers. They will go to Washington and they will remember who sent them there. So country before party, and that is why I’m supporting John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin. …

“And you know the Hispanic community knows John McCain. They know him. They know that he has a record. They know that has gone up against his own party on behalf of the Hispanic community.”

Miguel D. Lausell: “I decided, after searching my conscience, to back Senator McCain for many reasons. He is a man of great experience. He’s a sound man. He’s a man that you know what you’re getting when you vote for him.

“And the country is in very difficult situation and needs a man that can decide on difficult matters and has the experience and the soundness to help the struggle to get through these bad times.

Both Secaira and Lausell were asked about Obama’s recent ad linking McCain to Limbaugh. Here is that ad:

Secaira and Lausell responded to the ad, this is what they had to say:

Secaira: “There goes the new politics. I don’t see anything new about put-down politics. And once again, I want to reiterate that the Hispanic community has nothing to fear because they know John McCain.

“Again, he has fought against his own party on behalf of the Hispanic community and was an integral part in trying to bring forth comprehensive immigration reform. The Hispanic community knows John McCain in his home state, in New Mexico. They know what John McCain plans for. And I don’t believe that they will be easily fooled by this misleading and disgraceful ad.”

Lausell: “It’s a very low blow on the part of the Obama campaign because it’s completely untrue and completely relates Senator McCain to something he’s not related to.

“It denies, basically, the basic premise of all of his actions. And, frankly, if you have a candidate that is willing to go so low, what can you expect if you elect him to office?”

Towards the end of the call both had this to offer, Obama is the great divider, not the great uniter.


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