Despite What the Media Says, Sarah Still Popular

24 Sep

Isn’t the media adorable? Like Matt Damon was adorable as he prattled on clueless about Sarah Palin and a love of dinosaurs? I read this bit at USA Today:

The Politico — Shielding Palin from news media may not be working as well as it first did: “The shielding-Sarah-Palin strategy — which otherwise allows for lots of photographs and information about her attractive, young family, combined with occasional rallies — has worked well so far for the Alaska governor. She continues to energize the Republican base and draw considerable press attention despite never actually taking reporters’ nettlesome questions. But there are increasing signs that the effectiveness of the unusual gambit may be waning. After dominating the political headlines each week since McCain added her to the GOP ticket, Palin fell behind both McCain and Obama in the percentage of campaign news stories between September 15 and 21 in which she was a significant or the dominant factor, according to the Project for Excellence in Journalism.”

Hmm, so according to this theory- Palin is ‘waning’ because the media is not paying attention to her as much as the two top of the ticket candidates. This leads me to ask the question about Joe Biden. Remember him? His media coverage is the lowest of them all. I don’t remember reading any ‘waning’ reports on Joe Biden. 

The media has a very high opinion of itself. One that it has not earned this election season. Just because the media reporting on Palin has settled down to an appropriate level befitting a VP candidate, does not mean the public discussion of Palin has cooled at all.

Most people I know are still actively discussing Sarah Palin. Whether you like her or not it’s a still a hot topic. Actually, those who don’t like her are discussing her even more. The rabid obsession of Obamabots over Sarah Palin is not cooling off at all. They are eager to discuss every unseemly rumor the DailyKos can fabricate and churn out. Sarah Palin is still among the top search requests on all the search engines.

The media’s theory of ‘waning’ sounds like sour grapes. Not having access to Palin ticks them off. They’re throwing tantrums. Kicking, holding their collective breath while stomping their feet, only reveals their childish behavior even more. Why should the McCain camp allow them to grill Palin when they’ve already displayed such awful unfair bias against her.

If the MSM were able to perform the mission they were entrusted with – fair, balanced, without opinion reporting- then we would all benefit from ‘just the facts’ reporting on Palin. I wish they could rise above their bias to actually report on her accurately. They need to prove that first and then perhaps the access to Palin – the object of their perpetual scorn- might increase.

Until then, I can understand the McCain camp decision to block Sarah Palin from further media hack attacks. People continue to talk about her and really that’s all that matters despite what the media thinks.


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