Bill Clinton: I won’t dump on McCain

25 Sep

On Good Morning America today, Bill Clinton continued to avoid partisan mud slinging. When questioned about McCain possibly postponing the debate to work on the economic crisis, Bill had this to say:

“We know he didn’t do it because he’s afraid, because Sen. McCain wanted more debates, I presume he did that in good faith since I know he wanted — I remember he asked for more debates to go all around the country and so I don’t think we ought to overly parse that.”

Former President Bill Clinton has been clear: if Democrats just want someone to dump all over John McCain, he’s not the guy for the job.

That’s not satisfying rabid dems who want Bill to pounce on McCain and tear the man apart.

Since when did that become the task of the Clintons?

Bill Clinton told CNN’s “Larry King Live” on Wednesday that he doesn’t think “dumping” on McCain or his running mate, Sarah Palin, is a winning strategy. He said undecided voters aren’t interested in attacks but solutions for the problems they face.

Guess what? He’s right. Isn’t that the message of ‘hope’ and ‘change’ that it would lead to a new style of politics? Isn’t that the same message McCain has tried to pursue with his ‘straight talk express’ ideas? Just because Obama and McCain have both regressed to typical style mud-slinging accusatory politics, does not mean the American people want that. I believe Bill is accurate when he said this to Larry King last night:

“I just don’t believe that getting up here and hyperventilating about Gov. Palin, or Sen. McCain for that matter, is a productive use of a former president’s time and is not a vote-getter,” he said, adding that he admires McCain even though he disagrees with several of his positions.

Bill went on to say that he and especially Hillary have made efforts to help Obama. They both gave vigorous endorsements of Obama at the national convention and Hillary has traveled extensively on Obama’s behalf including a tour of Michigan on Saturday. Would Obama have done that for her!? Doubtful.

Here is where Bill lays it all out clearly:

“I think you can argue that she has done more than all other runner-ups have in the Democratic Party in 40 years,” the former president said. “We have been quite clear on this. We’re not party-wreckers, and we believe that the country needs to take a different course.”

Still though, some democrats feel it’s not nearly enough for their Messiah. Well, tough. If Obama can’t cross the finish line himself without the aid of the Clintons, then he has no business being President in the first place.


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